Friday, April 30, 2021

The Uppity Blacks Behind the Menthol Cigarette Ban

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday proposed a ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars.

Black adults have the highest percentage of menthol cigarette use compared to other racial and ethnic groups.

So who is behind the drive to ban the cigarettes?

It appears a large part of the push for the ban comes from elitist blacks.

The Center for Black Health & Equity cheered the FDA news with this headline on their homepage:

 The African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council has this on their website:

Apparently, these groups have chosen to ignore the unintended consequences of government edicts.

Both the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, and the National Black Police Association have urged the FDA to reject a ban on menthol cigarettes due to concerns that banning them could spur an illicit market for the outlawed products in minority communities.

In other words, these black law enforcement agencies recognize that making menthol cigarettes illegal would Capone their sale and distribution with the accompanying increase in a newly created "criminal" activity.

The Law Enforcement Alliance of America and the National Troopers Coalition have also urged the FDA to consider the impact a ban on menthol cigarettes would have on tobacco smuggling.

In January of last year, USC Law Professor Jody Armour spoke to the Compton, California city council about the unintended consequences of a tobacco ban that would disproportionately affect blacks by resulting in more traffic stops.

Professor Jody Armour 

But uppity blacks don't seem to care. It is all about power rather than education for them.


Rudy Giuliani Begins to Get His Comeuppance is Corporate America Next?

Rudy Giuliani

The one thing government power freaks fail to understand, and those who think they can successfully flirt with government power centers, is that regardless of how much power one has, or how close to power one is, at any given moment that power center can be turned against you--and likely will.

Leon Trotsky was at one time as close to absolute power as you can get. From March 1918 to January 1925, Trotsky headed the Red Army as People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs and played a vital role in the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War of 1917-1922. He became one of the seven members of the first Bolshevik Politburo. This was a serious power player and a master at the power game. And yet, on the orders of Joeseph Stalin, he was assassinated, by an ice pick to the back of the head while in exile in Mexico.

And now, in the United States, we are witness to the evil state going after Rudy Giuliani, raiding both his home and his office.

Former Trump-lawyer Michael Cohen whose own past life was destroyed by the state explained the irony of all this to CNN:

What’s ironic here is the fact that these tactics of the Southern District of New York in terms of bullying you into a plea deal were created by Rudy Giuliani going back 30 years ago. And it’s just ironic that the tactics that he created for that office are now going to be employed against him in terms of making him plead guilty...

In the state of New York, the once-popular NY governor, Andrew Cuomo, has seen the power center turn against him to such a degree that the spokesman for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio can reply, when asked about comments Cuomo made dissing a de Blasio announcement that he wanted to open up the entire city on July 1, with vicious contempt.

Cuomo said he was “reluctant” to pinpoint a Big Apple reopening date and noted that he relied on “a statewide management system and we’re managing it by the science, by the data.”

The mayor's press secretary Bill Neidhardt  responded to The New Yorke Post, “Serial sexual assaulter says what?”

Neidhardt also told an NY1 reporter who asked about Cuomo’s remarks: “I don’t care what a serial sexual harasser and assaulter and someone who covered up the deaths of thousands of people at nursing homes has to say about anything.”

The power game is a very dangerous game. Those in corporate top-level executive positions sucking up to social justice warriors and BLM promoters are cuddling up to power freaks in a game that is beyond their knowledge capacity. The intellectuals driving the power game are not playing, the corporate executives attempting to protect themselves by siding up to them are really buffoons. 

As Joseph Schumpeter put it:

[T]he intellectual group cannot help nibbling, because it lives on criticism and its whole position depends on criticism that stings; and criticism of persons and of current events will, in a situation where nothing is sacrosanct, fatally issue in criticism of classes and institutions... 
[T] the tendency toward complete removal of restraints, steadily breaking down those short-run attempts at resistance by which bourgeois society proves itself so incompetent and occasionally so childish a disciplinarian.

The power-thirsty intellectuals are making their move, supported by their chosen statist muscle. But make no mistake, they will not stop with Giuliani and Cuomo. These two operations are a bit acts. There is much more to this advance. First, they came for the political clowns Giuliani and Cuomo. Corporate America is surely on the list and a much more appetizing power grab.

Corporate America executives need to wake up before the proverbial ice axes with their names on them are taken out of storage.


Thursday, April 29, 2021

New PCR Thresholds Set by the CDC

The Center for Disease Control is run by con artists and sociopaths. 

This compares with a threshold of 40 last year. 

and this:


A Final Report: 12-Months of Not Wearing a Mask in San Francisco

Heavy mask-wearing in San Francisco this past Saturday at an outdoor market on the Embarcadero. 

I don't know the exact number of days but it has been roughly 12-months since the first "wear a mask" order came down in San Francisco.

In all that time, I have not worn a mask on the streets of the foggy city.

I have resisted mask-wearing because I really hate the state telling me what to do, because I really hate wearing masks and I am not sure what the long-term health consequences of mask-wearing are. And most important, I looked at it as an educational experience about defiance and how I would be dealt with by the masses for not wearing a mask (or wearing a mask beneath my nose when in a retail store).

It is time for a full recap, seeing as though the CDC has granted the sheep an exemption from wearing masks outside for "the vaccinated."

On my daily walk through downtown San Francisco, yesterday was the first day where I was not the only one on the street maskless. I would say that about 3% were maskless.

In other words, my open defiance has lost some of its hardcore revolutionary edge to it. I now look just like a compliant guy who has been vaccinated and is following the latest guidance from the sociopaths at the top of the CDC.

But what a 12-months it was. 

I was verbally harassed on the street at least once a week and I took in-store mask harassment complaints to senior management at least a half-dozen times.  On the street, I have been called selfish, a Trump-lover, a Holocaust denier because I wasn't wearing a mask. A  bicyclist circled around to take a picture of me and I have had the police called on me.

And then there was this guy:

But the most important part of the experience for me was learning how to deal with midget-Maos. When the next major crackdown comes, for whatever reason and however, I am going to have a bit more experience on how to deal with the serious Karens of the world who can't mind their own business. The modern-day secular Puritans. 

As I have reported before, I found racial and age differences when I responded to those who ordered me in a store to put a mask over my nose.

If I simply stated to Asians or Hispanics of any age or sex that I had a medical condition, they backed off immediately.

The biggest problem I had was with white guys between roughly the ages of 25 to 35. 

There was one, apparently American-born, white guy in his 60s an employee at Bloomingdales who told me to put my mask over my nose but when I gave him feedback he folded like an immigrant working with an expired green card.

But it was the damn social justice-trained white guys that were the big problem.

It was confrontations with these clowns that most often led to my taking things to more senior management. It happened at Macy's, Container Store and Half-Price Books in Berkeley among other places.

The usual routine would be for me to call or email national headquarters and then it would be bounced down to the regional manager. 

If nothing else, the managers were extremely apologetic and professional and the punk kid was going to get a serious talking to.

Here is an email sent to me by one of the regional managers:

I am an Area Director for XYZ and the stores in Northern California are within my market responsibilities.  I received from our corporate office your email with details of the experience you had in our San Francisco location last week.  I did want you to know that I have already followed up with my General Manager of the San Francisco location and shared with him your email.  I do have a meeting scheduled with [the employee] also this week.  If you have the time I would like to talk with you over the phone and have the opportunity to apologize to you directly on behalf of XYZ.

 If you would be able to provide me with a time of when you would be available this week on Thursday 4th or Friday 5th along with what phone number is best to reach you at that would be great.  Certainly if either of those days are not convenient for you I can chat next week any day from the 9th – 12th.

Thank you so much for your time.

The regional manager provided me with her direct cell phone number and email address after the full investigation so that I could contact her in the future about any problems.

One thing I did learn with discussions with these regional managers is that they all pull the surveillance tape of the confrontations so I am always aware of this now. 

When I tell these punk kids that I have an exemption in line with San Francisco public health ordinances and a medical exemption letter, they all refuse to look at it. So I now make sure that I clearly attempt to show the ordinance and letter in a manner that the video will catch it well and catch the refusal of the employee to look at it. 

It, of course, then goes well to buttress my narrative.

I am doing this mostly, as I say, because I hate the state and masks and to test the system but I don't mind these punks getting taken down a notch by management. Upper management seems to do serious investigations.

As for white females in the 25 to 35 age bracket, some of them will challenge me but will back down with any feedback from me. Others are just great. 

Once in the local Target, I was picking up a few things when the cashier was giving me grief about not having my mask over my nose. He was Asain so I knew the odds were that he would back down with enough feedback from me, but a white 30-something gal who seemed to be a cashier overseer caught the interaction in the early stage and just picked up what I wanted to purchase and said, "Come on, I will ring you up over here." Customer service de-escalation before escalation, awesome. If we only had more people in the world like her and I think she was smiling under her mask. Of course, I couldn't tell for sure that she was smiling because Target requires its employees to wear smile blocking masks.


DOJ Raided Former Trump Attorney Victoria Toensing at Same Time as Giuliani

Victoria Toensing

Joe Biden's DOJ is not playing around the way Trump's DOJs did.

Biden is taking people down, Trump was a naive wimp. 

Here is the latest.

The Biden Justice Department also raided former President Trump attorney Victoria Toensing Wednesday morning in conjunction with their raid on Rudy Giuliani, according to the Gateway Pundit

Both raids purportedly involve alleged lobbying violations. Like Giuliani, Toensing and her husband, former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova, worked on Trump’s 2020 election cases. The couple represented Ukrainian businessman Dmitri Firtash who is accused by the DOJ of bribery and racketeering. Giuliani, diGenova and Toensing also reportedly worked on gathering evidence of Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine.

Biden plays mean.

I continue to contend he is a very bad guy.

Biden Wants to Expand the Connection Between the State and Education: Why This Must Be Stopped.

President Biden in his speech to Congress on Wednesday evening called for an increased role for the state in the education of young Americans.

Biden’s plan calls for universal free preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds, as well as two years of free community college for young adults.

The plan he outlined calls for $200 billion spending on free universal preschool and another $109 billion over 10 years to make two years of community college free. On top of that, the president is proposing $85 billion in Pell grants, vouchers that low- and moderate-income students use to pay for tuition, fees, books, room and board.

Note: The universal free preschool includes children from affluent families. In other words, this is more about the indoctrination of students with anti-Western Civilization thinking than anything else. It would start at an earlier age under Biden's proposal and end with more indoctrination just before a student hits the workforce.

There is zero worthwhile coming out of government education now with social justice training, equity training and hidden white bias training at the forefront. The cultural Marxist-run leaders of government education will only get their hands on kids at an earlier age and shoot a final dose of propaganda into them under government-subsidized college education.

The hallmark of a solid libertarian at this point must be, at a fundamental level, the demand that government get out of the education sector entirely, that includes student loans, vouchers and any other government education program.

The state is evil and it is on the march trying to indoctrinate our kids in pro-statist thinking.

Protest against this move must be loud and non-stop. 

It is one of the most vicious things the state can do as it tries to consolidate its power.

Ask yourself:

How many kids will they turn into informants against their parents?

How many kids' minds will they turn into jello with non-stop propaganda about social justice, equity and the necessity and greatness of the state?

I have seen others boldly claim they have drawn the line with other statist interventions but there is nothing worse than statist control of the very young onward until they graduate some level of college. 

This is a plan for the creation of a new generation with the mental capabilities of a potato.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Federal Agents Raid Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment

Rudy Giuliani

Whatever they tell you, this is Joe Biden's payback for Rudy going after Hunter Biden---and squeezing Rudy about Trump.

Federal agents raided former Mayor ’s Manhattan apartment and office on Wednesday morning, according to multiple reports.

The agents executed a search warrant and seized electronic devices from both locations according to sources.

The moves were tied to an investigation into Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine, according to The New York Post.

LOL, Rudy's dealing in Ukraine.

Will Rudy flip on Trump?

Before leaving office, did Trump give Rudy a secret pardon? 


Here is Why Google is Fearless in the Cancelling of the Right...

 ... its profits are soaring.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, shattered sales records for the first quarter, fueled by a surge in digital ad spending.

Alphabet reported first-quarter sales of $55.31 billion, an increase of 34% from a year earlier when advertising sales plunged as coronavirus panic crippled the global economy.

Total profit reached almost $18 billion, soaring 162% from the previous year.


They Really Are Going After Meat

“Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” 
-H.L. Mencken
The secular-puritan nut jobs, who can't leave any joys of the world alone, are now escalating their attacks on meat and with it, virtue signaling has entered a bizarre new phase.

Epicurious is, according to The New York Times, "the popular online recipe bank where home cooks have gone to hone their skills for a quarter of a century."

The editors there revealed to readers this week that not only were they done with new recipes containing beef, but they had been phasing them out for over a year, reports the Times.

“We know that some people might assume that this decision signals some sort of vendetta against cows — or the people who eat them,” Maggie Hoffman, a senior editor, and David Tamarkin, a former digital director, wrote in an article published on Monday. “But this decision was not made because we hate hamburgers (we don’t!).”

The shift was “solely about sustainability, about not giving airtime to one of the world’s worst climate offenders,” they said. “We think of this decision as not anti-beef but rather pro-planet.”

Hoffman and Tanarkin write as if they actually understand the first thing about the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient and its application in the study of climate change.

These posers are so contradictory and out of touch with reality that they have become a vegan herd.

I call for a steer's fart on all of them.

But the big question is: Will the masses be as meek against this mad movement as they have been against the lockdowns and cancel culture? 

Meat producers are already wimping out.

On Sunday, JBS and Pilgrim’s Pride, one of the country’s largest chicken producers, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times headlined, “Agriculture can be a part of the climate solution,” committing to net-zero emissions by 2040, The Washington Post reports.

The Post then added this:

[T]here is a lot of research when it comes to the contribution of industrial agriculture to the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet...beef consumption, in particular, has been singled out as uniquely harmful to the planet. In 2019, the EAT-Lancet Commission report and the special report on climate change and land by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made strong suggestions about the need to move away from cattle ranching. Livestock are responsible for about 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, on a par with all of global transportation.

Ezra Klein, in a New York Times column this past Saturday, called for a “moonshot” that would turn the United States away from industrial agriculture and toward “meatless meat.”

The anti-cow fart crowd needs to be stopped now. 


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

What's Behind the CDC's New Guidance on Masks?

CDC sociopath commissioner Rochella Walensky

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its public health guidance today, saying fully vaccinated people can exercise and attend small gatherings outdoors without wearing a face mask.

What is with this latest coprolite dump?

I suspect that the CDC is seeing a slowdown in those wanting vaccinations so this is not good news for their fastened at the hip pharmaceutical cronies. Thus, "Hey, everybody. You don't need to wear masks outside if you are vaccinated."

So this is another prod from the sociopath power freaks at the CDC for those not completely falling in line with the vaccination program.


James Carville: “Wokeness is a problem and we all know it”

President Clinton's former adviser James Carville was interviewed by Vox.

Here are some key snippets:

You ever get the sense that people in faculty lounges in fancy colleges use a different language than ordinary people? They come up with a word like “Latinx” that no one else uses. Or they use a phrase like “communities of color.” I don’t know anyone who speaks like that. I don’t know anyone who lives in a “community of color.” I know lots of white and Black and brown people and they all live in ... neighborhoods.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these phrases. But this is not how people talk. This is not how voters talk. And doing it anyway is a signal that you’re talking one language and the people you want to vote for you are speaking another language. This stuff is harmless in one sense, but in another sense it’s not.


Wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it. It’s hard to talk to anybody today — and I talk to lots of people in the Democratic Party — who doesn’t say this. But they don’t want to say it out loud.

Make no mistake about it, Carville is a hardcore Democratic operative but a deep thinking libertarian once had drinks with him and came away with the impression that personally, Carville is good on a lot of issues. 

Which raises the question: Why does he advise Democrats?


Southampton Hotspot Will Require Vaccine Card for Entry, But Why?

What gives here?

The soon-to-open Buddha Lounge in Southampton will be strictly limited to those who produce a vaccination card, the New York Post reports.

In fact, sources tell the Posts' Page Six that it will feature a sign at the door saying, “No vax — You’re axed.”

But is this to just please the local government?

Page Six reported last summer that restaurateur Zach Erdem — who owns Buddha Lounge — lost liquor licenses, for a brief time, at two of his places in part for breaking COVID safety protocols.

Both his 75 Main and Blu Mar spots in Southampton were written up for not enforcing social distancing, and for selling liquor to underage kids. 

According to the State Liquor Authority, its investigators and local cops inspected the venue on a Saturday night and found customers “ignoring social distancing, with most not wearing facial coverings” and “two bartenders and three servers without facial coverings.”

This does not sound to me like an owner who is buying into the COVID scam, so the vaccine card requirement is interesting, to say the least.

A publicity stunt or government power freaks behind the curtain?

Buddha Lounge is due to open Memorial Day weekend.


Monday, April 26, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Cronyism/Propaganda on Steroids

Rep. Thomas Massie reports that the former acting director of CDC is now CEO of the foundation that funds FACTCHECK. org’s vaccine fact-checking program. Roughly 15% of said foundation’s assets are J&J stock.


Major Signal the COVID-19 Fearmongering is Ending

Scott Gottlieb

Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, and top COVID-19 fearmonger for the last year, has penned an op-ed that appears today in The Wall Street Journal calling for the end of outdoor mask edicts.

He clearly knows the scam is in its dying days.

He writes in the Journal:

In states such as Texas and New Hampshire, governors have lifted restraints on the size of outdoor gatherings and the need for masks. Connecticut, Rhode Island and others have announced plans to relax outdoor requirements in May. But the policy process in Washington is moving too slowly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance still prescribes social limits while outside. Many governors are reluctant to step out ahead of the agency. About half of states still require people to wear face coverings in all public settings...

The guide for measuring risk should be the overall vulnerability of the population, not only the daily Covid case count. Reducing infection levels is important, but many cases are mild or asymptomatic. Given continued testing, daily cases may hover around 10,000 this summer, but that’s much less alarming than a comparable number last summer, given the population’s fading susceptibility thanks to vaccines.

After a year of sacrifice, more than 140 million Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine. They know their dangers are receding and want to return to normal. Public-health officials need to be willing to relax some restrictions and tolerate a low level of risk. Americans shouldn’t be afraid to go outside and enjoy the warm weather—no mask required.

The crony pretty boy (he is on the board of Pfizer) is trying to get ahead of the growing counter-revolution.   


Now They Are Going After White Hollywood Power Brokers

The woke movement is now apparently comfortable enough to go after white Hollywood power brokers.

All that woke virtue signaling to the woke crowd by Hollywood's power elite was all for naught. The knives are now out for the whites among them.

In a New York Times essay, The (Mostly White) Power Brokers Running Hollywood,  Lindsay Crouse, a senior editor and writer in Opinion at the Times and Yaryna Serkez, writer and a graphics editor for Opinion at the Times, write:

The [Academy Awards] group’s membership appears to reflect the mostly white top echelons of power in Hollywood...

The whiteness of the industry can be seen from the board of governors through the nominees in certain categories. In areas such as editing and music, the lack of diversity on a higher level goes hand in hand with a dire lack of representation among nominees... One takeaway? Protest works. Amid the scrutiny of the past seven years, not only has the governors board diversified, but the nominees have as well.

It's another step of agitation by the woke crowd.

Will top corporate executives realize that they are also on the woke menu? 

If they are going after Hollywood power elite, they fear no one.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

I Wonder If These Are United Airlines Diversity Pilots in Training...

 ...perhaps air turbulence training?


Triumph Of The Woke Mob Led By Two Doddering Old Fools

By David Stockman

Events of the last few days have made one thing crystal clear: The Democratic Party  (and therefore the nation) is being led by two doddering old fools who should be  domiciled in a rest home, not the Oval Office and the Speaker’s Chamber.  

How that baleful reality coexists with Wall Street’s expectation of an awesome economic  future and stock prices which never stop rising to the sky is one of the great enigmas of  our times. Or maybe it’s just because $10 trillion of fiscal and monetary “stimulus” in  the past year can turn the proverbial sow’s ear into a silk purse. For a time.  

By now, of course, we expect idiocy from Sleepy Joe, especially on the economic front.  

Accordingly, at his virtual global summit he will be reading-out from the White House  teleprompter the demented agenda of the Climate Change Howlers. Therein he will  promise to cut greenhouse gases by 50% by the end of this decade, which calamity we  can also promise would cut America’s debt-entombed economy to its knees.  

That comes after Tuesday’s White House contretemps when he first prayed for a guilty  verdict in the Chauvin trial even as the jury was sitting in its deliberations, and then,  afterwards, made the risible claim that this tragedy was the spawn of systemic racism. 

Read the rest here

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Calgary Pastor Stands Up to The Calgary Gestapo, Again!

 They don't stop and Pastor Artur Pawlowski continues to stand heroically against them.


Oh Yeah, The COVID Oppression Counter-Revolution!!

 Caution, justifiable angry language.


Is Caitlyn Jenner Our Fruitcake?

At the post where I report that Caitlyn Jenner has entered the California governor's race, there are a number of comments that are aggressively anti-Jenner.

I would certainly agree that there is a mental disconnect with reality if someone who is a biological male thinks of himself as a female. But I can't go the step further that this means the person is necessarily distorted about reality across the board.

I recall once, about 25 years ago where I was part of a small group that was going to be meeting with a "woman" that it was whispered was a transgender.

My first thought was, this is going to be interesting. My second thought was a question: Can he (she) do the job that she was brought in to do and how well?

I wasn't the direct liaison with the "woman" so that was the only encounter I had with "her" but as far I know the work required was done promptly and well.

I haven't followed Jenner's thoughts on politics closely but I seem to recall her making some relatively libertarian comments from time to time.

And, her first remarks since announcing for the governor's race seem pretty sound.

According to The Hill, "The View" co-host Joy Behar repeatedly referred to Jenner using "he" and "his" pronouns during a segment on "The View" on Friday while discussing the reality TV star's bid for governor. 

Behar later apologized on the show.

Jenner's response was 

That from a California politician is big.

One commenter at my earlier post suggested that "this almost sounds like what they do to the LP, put in candidates that are obvious weirdos, in order to solidify the power of the ruling class." 

If this occurred in many other states that might be the case but not in California.  You see so much nutty stuff going on here daily on the streets that no one in the large population centers of the state is going to think twice about it. (Once, yes).

The fact is that Jenner will get more media coverage in the state than any other Republican candidate would and if "she" is aggressively conservative on issues, it is going to be really difficult for the lefty press to attack a transgender. 

Bottom line: Let's see how Jenner comes out---on the issues. 

Newsom is a pretty boy sociopath, I would replace him with a conservative transgender any day.

Yes, Jenner is a fruitcake but he/she might be our (libertarian/conservative) fruitcake.


Virginia to Drop Advanced Math Courses Citing 'Equity'

We have entered the brave new mad world of restricting the talented.

The Virginia Department of Education is seeking to eliminate its accelerated math programs below 11th grade, citing "equity" as one of the catalysts for its changes to the mathematics curriculum, reports The Washington Examiner.

The change was presented in a Monday meeting and brought forth by Loudoun County School Board member Ian Serotkin.

"As currently planned, this initiative will eliminate ALL math acceleration prior to 11th grade," Serotkin wrote Tuesday on Facebook. "That is not an exaggeration, nor does there appear to be any discretion in how local districts implement this."

Staff on the Virginia Mathematics Pathway Initiative listed equity in math education as one of the reasons they are initiating changes.

"Many children can and are finding success in the structures that exist in our schools. However, we must consider changes to support improving the learning opportunities for all students," said Jennifer Allard, a high school mathematics specialist at Fairfax County Public Schools. "Many of our students do not have access to the mathematics that they will need either in their personal or professional adult lives. The issue of inequity in mathematics education makes it essential for us to initiate serious discussions among a variety of stakeholders to achieve the critical mass necessary to catalyze change in school mathematics."

Pyle said the new initiatives would take place during the 2025-2026 school year, after the next revision of mathematics standards of learning by the state Board of Education.

The cultural Marxists are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams in destroying Western Civilization.

I wonder if these nutjobs are in favor of equity in terms of setting government laws, rules and regulations and when I get my opportunity. 


Rothbard Saturday: Egalitarianism and the Elites

Murray Rothbard

The below originally appeared in The Review of Austrian Economics Vol. 8, No. 2 (1995): 39-57

Egalitarianism and the Elites

By Murray Rothbard

The Alleged Self-Evidence of Equality

One of the great glories of mankind is that, in contrast to other species, each individual is unique, and hence irreplaceable; whatever the similarities and common attributes among men, it is their differences that lead us to honor, or celebrate, or deplore the qualities or actions of any particular person. [1] t is the diversity, the heterogeneity, of human beings that is one of the most striking attributes of mankind.

This fundamental heterogeneity makes all the more curious the pervasive modern ideal of “equality.” For “equality” means “sameness”—two entities are “equal” if and only if they are the same thing. X = y only if they are either identical, or they are two entities that are the same in some attribute. If x, y, and z are “equal in length,” it means that each one of them is identical in length, say 3 feet. People, then, can only be “equal” to the extent that they are identical in some attribute: thus, if Smith, Jones and Robinson are each 5 feet, 11 inches in height, then they are “equal” in height. But except for these special cases, people are heterogeneous, and diverse, that is, they are “unequal.” Diversity, and hence “inequality,” is therefore a fundamental fact of the human race. So how do we account for the almost universal contemporary worship at the shrine of “equality,” so much so that it has virtually blotted out other goals or principles of ethics? And taking the lead in this worship have been philosophers, academics, and other leaders and members of the intellectual elites, followed by the entire troop of opinion-molders in modern society, including pundits, journalists, ministers, public school teachers, counselors, human relations consultants and “therapists.” And yet, it should be almost evidently clear that a drive to pursue “equality” starkly violates the essential nature of mankind, and therefore can only be pursued, let alone attempt to succeed, by the use of extreme coercion.

The current veneration of equality is, indeed, a very recent notion in the history of human thought. Among philosophers or prominent thinkers the idea scarcely existed before the mid-eighteenth century; if mentioned, it was only as the object of horror or ridicule.[2] The profoundly anti-human and violently coercive nature of egalitarianism was made clear in the influential classical myth of Procrustes, who “forced passing travellers to lie down on a bed, and if they were too long for the bed he lopped off those parts of their bodies which protruded, while racking out the legs of the ones who were too short. This was why he was given the name of Procrustes [The Racker].”[3]

One of the rare modern philosophers critical of equality made the point that “we can ask whether one man is as tall as another, or we may, like Procrustes, seek to establish equality among all men in this respect.”[4] But our fundamental answer to the question whether equality exists in the real world must be clearly that it does not, and any quest “to establish equality” can only result in the grotesque consequences of any Procrustean effort. How, then, can we not regard Procrustes’s egalitarian “ideal” as anything but monstrous and unnatural? The next logical question is why Procrustes chooses to pursue such a clearly anti-human goal, and one that can only lead to catastrophic results?

In the context of the Greek myth, Procrustes is simply pursuing a lunatic “aesthetic” goal, presumably following his personal star of every person being precisely equal in height to the length of his bed. And yet, this sort of non-argument, this bland assumption that the ideal of equality needs no justification, is endemic among egalitarians. Thus, the argument of the distinguished Chicago economist Henry C. Simons for a progressive income tax was that he found inequality of income “distinctly evil or unlovely.”[5]  Presumably, Procrustes might have used the same sort of “argument” in behalf of the “unlovely” nature of inequality of height had he bothered to write an essay advocating his particular egalitarian program. Indeed, most writers simply assume that equality is and must be the overriding goal of society, and that it scarcely needs any supporting argument at all, even a flimsy argument from personal esthetics. Robert Nisbet was and is still correct when he wrote, two decades ago, that

It is evident that . . . the idea of equality will be sovereign for the rest of this century in just about all circles concerned with the philosophical bases of public policy. … In the past, unifying ideas tended to be religious in substance. There are certainly signs that    equality is taking on a sacred aspect among many minds today, that it is rapidly acquiring dogmatic status, at least among a great many philosophers and social scientists.[6]

The Oxford sociologist A. H. Halsey, indeed, was “unable to divine any reason other than ‘malevolence’ why anyone should want to stand” in the way of his egalitarian program. Presumably that “malevolence” could only be diabolic.[7]

“Equality” in What?

Let us now examine the egalitarian program more carefully: what, exactly, is supposed to be rendered equal? 

Read the rest here.

Friday, April 23, 2021


For those of you who tend to stay at Target Liberty and don't wander over to EPJ too often, there are a couple of new posts over there that might be of interest to you:

Why Are So Many Corporate Executives Acting Woke?


After the COVID-19 Lockdowns: The Next Globalist Power Grab Move


Caitlyn Jenner Enters California Governor's Race

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner says she will run for governor of California.

Jenner, a Republican, said in a statement posted today on Twitter that she has filed paperwork to run for the post.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing a likely recall election this year.


Clown Biden Wears Mask During Video Call...

...yesterday for a discussion on climate change with world leaders.

He is the only one wearing a mask.


Take This Mask Off My Child!

This is a powerful statement from a mother. Of course, the totalitarian power-freaks are not going to stop with their power plays, even if the mask mandates are removed, different measures are coming for different "crises."

The attitude of rebellion as exemplified by this mother against the authoritarian state is very important, indeed heroic, but at the same time, we must think about workarounds on a personal level.

In the meantime, here is another hero:


Thursday, April 22, 2021

At Least 77 Iowa Inmates Given Overdoses of COVID-19

 KHQA reports that at least 77 Iowa inmates given overdoses of COVID-19 vaccine and are being “closely monitored by medical staff,” prison officials say.

This is a developing story.


From the Des Moines Register:

The incident happened Tuesday at the maximum-security prison at Fort Madison, according to Cord Overton, a spokesperson for the department. 

"The large majority of inmates continue to have very minor symptoms consistent with those that receive the recommended dose of the vaccine," he wrote in an email to the Register. "These include sore arm, body aches, and one inmate has experienced a low-grade fever, which was treatable with Tylenol."

Overton said early reports indicated the inmates were given up to six times the standard dose of the vaccine.


Two nursing staff members, who allegedly administered the vaccine to the 77 inmates, have been placed on leave "pending the outcome of the investigation," Overton said.


Kimberly Koehlhoeffer said her son and other inmates experienced symptoms that include nausea, lack of appetite, severe bruising at injection site, and severe dehydration.


For now, administration of COVID-19 vaccines have been halted in the prison, Overton said.


What If Andrew Yang Wins the New York City Mayoral Race?

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang has a very good shot at winning the New York City mayoral race.

It could very well be the final dagger that destroys a once great city.

Annie Lowery in a recent Atlantic article lists some of the mad, socialist programs he wants to implement:

  •  He wants the city government to establish a basic income for the half a million New Yorkers
  • He wants to create a public-banking network.
  • He wants to convert hotels into "affordable" housing
Lowery adds:
Yang’s campaign is almost certainly helped by the fact that, plugged in or not, many people have growing hopes for what the government can achieve. The left has moved dramatically leftward since the Obama years. Democratic socialists are getting elected; Congress is shrugging off concerns about deficits; once-moderate politicians are talking about New Deal–scale policy solutions... 
The city’s budget, with its $4 billion shortfall, is also a problem. But he quickly pivots to his plans to pull in more state and federal resources, his willingness to find “modest value-adds,” and his desire to milk the city’s billionaires and work with its nonprofits. 

Mayoral candidates Eric Adams, Brooklyn’s borough president, and Maya Wiley, a former counsel to Mayor Bill de Blasio, have significant support—but as of mid-March, Yang led the field by a 13-point margin. 

The one minor ray of hope is that Yang is truly an unpredictable fruitcake. He may implement some unexpected positives. According to Lowery, he "has also committed, if softly, to cutting taxes."

It is difficult to see how the current city deficit plus his socialist spending plans and his plan to "milk the billionaires" would lead to tax cuts but maybe the flake would actually focus on tax cuts. 


Is LeBron James Just a Useful Idiot?

After a copper shot a black woman who had a knife in her hand and was in motion to stab  another black woman, LeBron James tweeted this out:

The picture is of the cop who shot the armed woman. The text: "YOU'RE NEXT" with an hour glass.

LeBron has been an outspoken supporter of Black Lives Matter and this latest tweet shows just how much he has bought into the coprolite that blacks are oppressed in modern-day America.

Lenin would have loved LeBron.

As Lenin put it:

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

and LeBron proves this point.

Outside of basketball, LeBron is simply one of the masses.

He has no idea about the history of the positions he is promoting or where they lead. 

But besides not understanding the history, he obviously can't even think on a simple level about the shooting in Columbus, Ohio of a knife-wielding woman.

The copper in seconds had to react to a woman who was swinging a knife toward another woman, what was he supposed to do? 

With the tweet, LeBron was just virtue signaling in a very dumb way.

If the masses turn against the copper in this situation and if he is charged by the state, just what copper is going to venture into a low-income predominantly black areas with all this "always blame the cop" nonsense going on? (If they haven't already decided to do patrol-lite.)

Who is going to protect the areas then? Is LeBron going to do it?

We are setting up for some very violent periods in inner cities and the truly dumb LeBron from his perch as a very talented basketball player is promoting that outcome as though he understands what he is talking about.

Yes, LeBron James is just a useful idiot for the power freaks that want to destroy Western Civilization.


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Are COVID-19 Vaccines Causing Abnormal Menstrual Cycles?

There have been anecdotal reports of menstruation changes following the COVID-19 vaccines, reports the Chicago Tribune.

From The Tribune:

When Katy Fyksen got a heavy period a few days after she received her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, she didn’t consider there might be a link.

The 43-year-old Plainfield woman hadn’t had a period in over a year and a half because of her Mirena IUD, so the sudden red flow was a surprise...

For Fyksen, the unexpected period was over in about seven days, and she said that even if it was related to the vaccine, it was worth it.

“I’m just very happy to be fully vaccinated. If that’s the worst of the side effects I have, then we’re good with it,” she said.

Dr. Kathryn Clancy, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Katharine Lee, a postdoctoral research scholar at Washington University School of Medicine, are now conducting a study:

You are being asked to participate in a voluntary research study. The purpose of this study is to understand the menstrual experiences of people after they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. Participating in this study will involve completing a secure online survey which takes about 15-20 minutes. Risks related to this research include the potential to feel uncomfortable answering questions about your body and health. Benefits related to this research include being able to share your experiences and contribute to an often-overlooked area of health research.

From The Tribune again: 

Clancy and Lee were inspired by their own experiences with abnormal menstruation following their inoculation, and wanted to document the experiences of others. They said they initially expected 500 people to respond to the survey; instead they hit that mark in a few hours.

Clancy outlined her personal menstruation experience in a February tweet, after receiving her first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Hundreds of women and people who menstruate replied in the comments with their own experiences.

One Twitter user wrote, “I haven’t had a period in years and I’m about 3 weeks out of my second shot and I’m gushing blood I freaked out but now I see I’m not the only one. This is crazy.”

Another responded, “Two weeks exactly after shot number 2, my cycle started 12 days earlier and heavier than it’s been for the last three years.”

“I ended up finding a lot of people with similar experiences,” Clancy said. “But also, to be fair, a lot of people who were like, ‘Really, I noticed nothing,’ and some people who said, ‘Actually I had the opposite, where I’ve had a later or lighter period.’”


Annalena Baerbock

Annalena Baerbock

David Brown emails:

Keep an eye on this woman, she may very well be the next chancellor of Germany. The Greens are nearly tied with the CDU in polling, and one poll just came out with them ahead. Annalena is their leader. She is WEF/Davos trained (along with NZ’s crazy Covid fascist PM Jacinda Ardern), so I’m guessing Germany will be locked up and Reset big time under her leadership, as far as the CDU is willing to let her go (they will be her junior coalition partner - unless she can cobble together the SPD socialists and FDP liberals into a “Traffic Light” coalition)...


The Federal Reserve and Congress are Ultimately Responsible for the Death of George Floyd

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell

In response to my post, An Open Letter to American Patrolmen in the Wake of the Guilty Murder Verdict Against Patrolman Derek Chauvin, be sure to read Murray Sabrin's response which I have posted at EPJ: George Floyd and the "Counterfeit" $20 Bill.


Biden Administration Plan Could Result in Smoking Becoming More Dangerous

By Jeffrey A. Singer

The Wall Street Journal reports this afternoon that the Biden administration is considering ordering cigarette makers to lower nicotine to non‐​addictive levels in tobacco cigarettes. It is also considering banning menthol cigarettes, which are popular among young people and are particularly popular with African American smokers. What could possibly go wrong?

First, there is reason to fear that cigarette smokers will increase the number of cigarettes they consume to compensate for the decrease in the desired effects of nicotine. Cutting the nicotine yield might have the unintended consequence of smokers taking more puffs, inhaling more deeply, and holding the smoke in longer. While nicotine is addictive, the tars in tobacco smoke are what do all of the damage to health. Reducing nicotine content might paradoxically make smoking more dangerous.

As public health professor Michael Siegel once pointed out:

By focusing on increases in nicotine yields as if they are necessarily harmful to public health, anti‐​smoking groups are implying that decreases in nicotine yields would be a good thing. But the truth is that reduced nicotine yields could be harmful to public health because they would likely increase cigarette consumption (due to compensation), leading to increased tar delivery and higher rates of lung and other cancers as well as chronic lung disease.

Then, of course, there’s the matter of prohibition, and its associated violence. It seems the policymakers never learn from mistakes.

When Bhutan completely banned tobacco sales it spurred a surge in tobacco smuggling. By 2017 Bhutan led Southeast Asia in per capita tobacco smokers. Exorbitant cigarette taxes in New York City aimed at reducing smoking make the city the “cigarette smuggling capital of America.” Black market sales of individual cigarettes, or “loosies,” are now a flourishing profit center.

It doesn’t take a vivid imagination for anyone who has the slightest familiarity with this country’s disastrous experience with alcohol prohibition, or the catastrophic effect of the war on drugs, to conjure where mandated nicotine cuts and bans on menthol cigarettes will lead.

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