Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What and Who is Behind the Andrew Cuomo Takedown Operation?

Target Liberty reader Kevin asks in an email:

Do you think there's any chance Andrew Cuomo is being intentionally brought down because of the nursing home deaths he caused, but the media is trying to distract from that by giving the overwhelming majority of the coverage to the #MeToo allegations?  

-RW response:

It appears that Cuomo has just run out his usefulness for the left-wing of the New York inner power circle.

He was useful to them to help counter Trump but now that Trump is no longer in power, Cuomo is of no use to them. It is a typical lefty maneuver.

They are all about power and they will remove anyone that might threaten that power. And Cuomo was getting too high profile. I mean, come on, he won a damn Emmy for his COIVD routine. What is surprising is that Cuomo really didn't see the takedown play coming. 

It is not because of nursing home deaths that the left is trying to use sexual harassment to try to divert attention. Remember, it was the extreme lefty New York state attorney Letitia James who dropped the scathing nursing home deaths report. If they were concerned about the report, it would have been buried.

This is just about using everything they have against Cuomo.

The nursing home death scandal was the first step in the developing takedown. The sexual harassment complaints are phase 2. In this age of #MeToism, the sexual harassment charges just have more staying power, though to any rational person the piggish Cuomo-style, harassment-lite charges against Cuomo are nothing compared to the nursing home authoritarianism that led to thousands of deaths.But the left will use anything that will stick

To take a guess, I would say Hillary Clinton is behind it all.

She may already have in mind a replacement for Cuomo. 


  1. Spot on regarding Cuomo outliving his usefulness to the left. They've battled constantly: lefty Fordham lawyer Zephyr Teachout's surprising 33% of the vote in the 2014 primary, the longstanding feud between Cuomo and DiBlasio throughout the latter's tenure, Cuomo's insistently holding the line on the left wing's push for massive tax increases are a few notable examples.

    But Hillary is just a MeToo in the current fight, one with a lack of credibility when it comes to supporting sexual harassment claimants. She's struggling to maintain relevance in a party that's passed her by. Cuomo's replacement--Tish James--has already been chosen, and she's acting. For her and her backers on the left (including the ascendant Working Families Party), the calculus is down to tactics and timing, not candidate selection.

  2. The money and power in New York is in Manhattan, not Albany.

  3. I still maintain it's Obama behind this. Making sure there is no credible challenger to Kamala in 2024.After all, with the number of retreads from Obama's administration in Biden's, it's clear to me who's in charge.

  4. that BabyDoc did not see this coming is not a suprise as he is not very intelligent and has the deadly combination of that lack of smarts and an overwhelming level of arrogance.

  5. Hopefully they'll go for Fauci next....

  6. I like to think that Cuomo just clogged the wrong toilet