Monday, March 15, 2021

VICIOUS: Police Using Attack Dogs Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Netherlands

This is the most vicious thing I have seen yet anywhere around the globe in response to anti-lockdown protesters.

I don't know anything about Dutch culture and the general attitude of the police in the country but I think I would rather go up against SF coppers any day. 

The left has tamed SF coppers to an absurd degree, so there is that.



  1. And further, Abe Licoln was a decivilizing force. Don't care if he was west or east. These knucleheads don't grasp the point, but if by chance they understand he was anti-civilization then well, I am with it.

  2. I think you mean "Dutch" culture.

  3. The use of attack dogs was par for the course during the 1960's civil rights protest in the deep south. Remember Bull(Dawg!)Connor, Birmingham, Ala.?

  4. This is what Tom Woods means when he says we are headed for the kind of civil unrest not seen since the Vietnam War. I know many people think the American anti-lockdown movement has been tame, but it will come to this. These kinds of interactions will spread to America and one day, maybe next year, maybe 2022 primaries, we will see demonstrations with 100,000s of protesters clashing with police.

    There's another similarity between the Vietnam War and Covid that is interesting. The Vietnam pro-war ideology was built on a forecast, a model, of reality. It was not built on any actual experience or data. The Domino Theory was an idea that without government intervention all of Southeast Asia would fall to the communists. There was no data to support this. It was all conjecture.

    Today's Covid interventions are no different than the Domino Theory. They are dressed up in computer modeling, done by bad scientists who are even worse computer scientists. But they are still forecasts of what will happen without government intervention. Team Lockdown works with the same set of tools as Team Domino Theory. It's all conjecture. And of course, taking credit whenever possible regardless of what the actual data says.

    To this day, there are people who believe that if only the American response in Vietnam had been swifter and more united, American would have won. Doesn't that sound familiar?

    1. Great observation.
      "Follow the government experts!"...a tried and true method of gaining dogmatic support for government policies---and the evisceration of liberty.

    2. Interesting observation David B. Hope you are correct about protests but I've not seen the same energy level from anti-lockdown as existed with anti-Viet Nam war. Not even complaints about being labeled "essential" and "non-essential." The press has been compromised and even the college campuses seem to have been neutered. It will take the energy of youth to challenge this "lock-down" mindset and the young, so far are MIA.

  5. Brilliant comment, David B. That comparison never crossed my mind.

    But extend it further. Vietnam broke the bank, so to speak. Look what Nixon did with the currency.