Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Arizona Dept. of Education Has Created an "Equity" Toolkit That Says Babies Show Racism at Three Months Old

 Christopher Rufo reports:

The world has really gone mad. Government-sponsored "research" has played a major role.



  1. You want to make me racist ... then great I will be gladly racist against stupidity!! Time to fight the idiocracy with

    I fully embrace my Idiocracy bigotry. How can I spread the hate, tell me???

  2. Imagine how prosperous society would be if all of this wasted energy were devoted to producing things that consumers actually want.

  3. The ironic thing is that, if this is true, then it refutes itself because it means that racism is so ingrained in people that it can't be fixed; it means that anti-racism or anti-white "training" would make as much sense as anti-breathing training.

  4. I am not sure what experimental research this is supposed to be based upon, but there is evidence that all babies prefer to look at people who look like their mother and other people in their environment. This is true for people of all races, and it is stretching it beyond believability to attribute this preference to racism. I am not sure what other experimental technique can be used other than preferential looking at 3 months of age. Babies prefer lots of things--the smell and face of their mother, for example. This is common to all 'races'. Most likely it is a way of bonding the infant to its social group, since generally speaking it is the nature of primates such as chimps to utterly destroy members of other groups, including the killing and eating of infants sired by rival males. It probably is simply that skin color has become a sort of substitute for the group to which the infant belongs and does not belong, perhaps kin group. I think evolutionary psychologists have suggested this as an explanation of infant preferences. It is idiotic to call this racism. If I remember correctly infants also prefer people who speak the same language as the familiar adults in their environment. This preference would be binding the infant to its culture group. What do these "anti-racist" think will happen if they try to train these preferences out of the infant? In all likelihood the child will have grown up into some sort of insecure or reactive attachment. This sort of thing is basically the same idiocy that tried to prevent infants from becoming attached to specific caregivers. Doing this intentionally or accidentally, it turns out, has horrible consequences which make it impossible for the adult to have any decent attachments to anybody. It had the exact opposite effect than the one intended. Something of this sort will probably result if these woke child educators get power.

    1. The twitter poster says they think babies are racist, while he links to the research showing that babies simply prefer people who look like their parents. I can imagine trying to talk to a prog about this insanity and the prog turning around and pointing out just what I pointed out, that the research doesn't say babies are racist. Then they don't take you seriously because they think you lack reading comprehension. But I guess, they would find some other reason to dismiss you so shrug.

      When we put this in the bigger context of these people insisting that parents need to be actively anti-racist with their kids instead of acting as if race doesn't matter, we see the following problem. They actually want you to teach your kids that race does matter, and that white people are the reason race matters because they are inherently racist. If you are white, they want to teach you and your children that your race matters and it matters because you are the problem.

  5. Oh, its all racist and disadvantageous alright - that much is true. BUT...the fact is that the only 'racism' in this country is antiWhite racism. White people dont have a chance; blacks [and everything else] are given preference in jobs [that in the main, they are unqualified for] , school admission, government handouts, tax breaks, immigration and the list goes on. One might note also that the few blacks convicted of crimes serve less time than a White person convicted for the same thing.

  6. Non-whites that vote left are trash that need to stay in their own homeland. Where are those libertarian non-whites by the way?

    White shitlibs need to be rounded up and repatriated to Venezuela or Cuba. Libertarians who can't grasp that race, IQ, and culture matter should also be physically removed from society.