Saturday, March 20, 2021

Rand Paul Says He Was Harassed By Gym ‘Karen’ for Refusing to Wear Mask

The heroic Rand Paul!

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he was harassed by a “Karen” at the gym for refusing to wear a mask on the treadmill.

“I was on the treadmill the other day and some Karen goes and tells the people ‘he’s on a treadmill and he’s running without a mask,'” Paul said during an interview with Tucker Carlson Friday, reports The New York Post. “Is this the world we’re going to live in, where everyone is reporting everyone and the Gestapo is going to come arrest you?” 

Rand gets it.



  1. Some of these idiots would have no problem if this nonsense went on another 10 years! I think some people actually (perhaps unconsciously) enjoy this pandemic atmosphere, as it offers nearly unlimited opportunities for virtue signaling. And I’m talking about “regular” people, not the elitists that are clearing either profiting from this or else exercising what was, hitherto, unimagined power.

    1. There is some psychology to it. It makes them feel important, gives them meaning, etc. After September 11, 2001 there was an influx of random people to NYC after things settled down. Many came because they found some sort of meaning to their otherwise insignificant lives. They were now part of what happened in a way and it was a method through which they could personalize the events and make it seem like it “happened to them”.
      Sad to say in looking back after living here for several years before 9/11 and now up until today, that is about when NYC started to lose its mojo so to speak. Well, at least for me. The PEOPLE changed. And not for the good.
      Similar to Rand’s story I have been accosted by a male Karen twice now due to the fact that I do not “wear a mask” while in the lobby area of the building in which I currently rent an art studio. Nevermind that we are talking about a max 15-20 foot walk to my door and the FACT that unless I am gong to wear the industrial protective mask I use when handling certain chemicals, any such mask like the silly bandana that the male Karen dons as his talisman, is worthless. But that is of no concern to this self important cultist. I fear that when this is all over that some of these people will fall into a deep depression as they will be reminded of how insignificant their lives are in the grand scheme of things.

    2. Nicely noted. Agree that many folks who live lonely lives now have a "mission" to help the world by "defeating" a magic virus. Sad! Check out Lincoln Karim's videos; he has documented NYC during this year of insanity by visiting hospitals, funeral homes, and showing the Trump Towers "protests." Some have been removed because they show reality.

  2. I wonder what her view was about John Kerry and all the socialist hypocrites who also don't wear masks when they think that no one is looking.