Saturday, March 13, 2021

Putin Gets It Right: Riot at US Capitol was a 'Stroll'

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday mocked the Jan. 6 stormimg of the Capitol by former President Trump’s supporters as a “stroll" while arguing dysfunction in the United States was the real obstacle to stable relations, reports The Hill.

“Some of the people who took a stroll to the U.S. Congress — 150 people were arrested, they face imprisonment from 15 to 25 years," Putin said during a meeting on increasing investment activity, according to The Associated Press.

"Will all these internal controversies end there or not? We do not know, but we want it to end, because we are interested in stable relations with all our main partners,” Putin added. 

History is going to look kindly on Putin, he is the most rational and wise leader in an era of evil, lying, conniving misfits.



  1. Vladimir Putin for President of the United States in 2024!

  2. Back when Obummer was president there was a poll taken in Alaska and I don’t remember the actual number but a sizable portion of the ones polled wanted Russia to take Alaska back.

  3. A sane leader who puts his country and its people first. No wonder the globalists hate him.

  4. Robert, I presume the words: "the deadly Jan. 6 riot" were The Hill's words and not yours.?.?

  5. Putin is an extremely intelligent statesman. He's entirely correct in calling out US leadership as dysfunctional. It's really sad when the President of Russia sounds more rational than practically everyone else in US politics.

  6. I know just enough Russian to know there are two common Russian verbs meaning 'to walk' the first can only be used when one is walking from point A to point B in order to get someplace, the other can be translated as 'walk around, walk through, walk, or stroll'