Friday, March 19, 2021

No to Pathway for Citizenship for Dreamers!

Long-time readers know that I have no objections to foreigners entering the United States, provided that they do it on their own dime. 

I have no problem with them coming as tourists, laborers or even retirees.

However, and this is a big however, I am not in favor of providing foreigners with citizenship, entitlements of any kind, including healthcare.

I am always in favor of shrinking government, thus I have no desire to see more people put in line for government handouts or even to be put on the voting line. The idea that you go into a poll both to vote so that you can vote for someone who is going to give you more handouts is a distortion of a decent society.

Stopping handouts to foreigners and not providing future citizenship is the first step in ending the expansion of government.

Thus, I must loudly object to Joe Biden's plan to create a pathway for citizenship for dreamers. A Biden bill, The Dream Act, just passed the House 228-197.

Let's hope it doesn't pass in the senate.

I am all for them visiting here, working here, selling drugs here and partying here but I am not in favor of providing them with handouts or citizenship.



  1. This is going to give Hansen and The Lab Manager epileptic seizures.

    1. I'm surprised. I thought RW dreamed of having his small platoon of errand runners that he would pay $5 a day to while they live 25 to an apartment or house, but not in his neighborhood of course.

      I'm for deporting the Dreamers to make them an example. Maybe we could have the 'da rasis' immigration policy of a country like, let us say, Mexico.

    2. No cupcake, we have come to expect people like you and Wenzel who welcome the hordes of unwashed masses here to sell drugs. We just find it amusing when in the same breath you also start whining about feces in the street and having to walk over incapacitated fentanyl addicts as if the two aren't somehow connected.

  2. RW, I share your views, but also am not in favor of providing folks born in the US with handouts or citizenship.

    1. Agree. I would also add that the lack of a 'welfare wall' is not a good reason to close the borders

    2. The lack of culture wall is. The migration absolutely destroys the American society by displacing the individualist, free-market oriented culture with collectivist third-world travesty. Which is exactly why American socialists are so in favor of it.

    3. This is such nonsense. Give me a plucky rule-defying illegal immigrant over a homegrown soft whiny whiteboy bootlicker any day of the week. Our culture was destroyed from within. It's intellectual laziness to blame our problems on people who just got here.

    4. "Give me a plucky rule-defying illegal immigrant over a homegrown soft whiny whiteboy bootlicker any day of the week."

      But just like every other leftist who openly hates whites, you refuse to go live in a majority nonwhite country where you could be free of the tyranny and oppression of whitey. Odd.

    5. @Paul Hansen
      So the South African dude that I know through my other South African best friend; let’s discuss bathe these gentlemen. My best friend of over three decades came here in the 80’s from Johanesburg. He runs his own business a sport training facility in Texas. Employs some folks. Used own several rental houses. Always self employed. Never taken a dime from anyone. Wife, one son. His newer fellow South African came to the states a few years ago. All he saw was opportunity everywhere. Now has multiple plumbing trucks, owns property with the intent on farming it, never took a dime from anyone. Both worked the shit jobs and made their way beginning with pretty much nothing.
      How exactly does that as Averros states “ destroy[s] the American society by displacing the individualist, free-market oriented culture with collectivist third-world travesty?
      I am unaware of the second example’s immigration status but what exactly is the problem if he has not followed every edict from DC in regard to his status here? Tell me exactly how that damages any aspect of our society. Also since YOU brought it up please also tell me how my endorsing or having no problem with either of these two gentlemen coming to this country does that make me “openly hate whites”?
      And for the record I live in a not just majority black neighborhood but one in which the population is approximately 80% or so black. And the idea that I or pretty much anyone who comments on this forum is a “leftist” is patently absurd.
      Anytime Hansen. Reply anytime. I can do this all day.

    6. I'm not a leftist, and I don't hate whites. I'm an old-school rothbardian ancap, and I come from celtic/germanic stock.

      In my experience, in the actual jobs I have actually worked, the immigrants work hard and have good attitudes, while the homegrown white boys bitch and smoke pot.

      The fact that Joe can't out-compete Jose despite having access to a free 12-year 1st world education and speaking English just makes it all doubly pathetic. What kind of losers are these English speakers who can't out-compete someone who doesn't know the language? Can you even imagine being so exasperated with the guy you can communicate with that you hire the guy you can't? I mean holy shit dude!

      You blame new arrivals for your own failures. What a wuss-ass move!

      The governments of many nonwhite majority countries are just cronyist holdovers from colonial days and have far more to do with Portuguese and Spanish culture than the culture of the local losers. Try walking into a village in the Burmese jungle and taxing your neighbors and tell me how that works out.

      Exactly what impact does some rural south American llama herder have on the legal structures imposed from Lima or Santiago?

      Go to a park in a white neighborhood and you'll see old people walking dogs. Go to a park in an immigrant neighborhood and you'll see children playing. That's what this is all really about. The dead's hatred for the living. All we've done is import replacement people after all the white people aborted away half a generation.

      It's such a loser move to blame your failures on poor people who just got here. How lame are you that someone with so few resources was able to rock your boat so hard it flipped over?

      The feds around here sure are getting silly. He's not even a man, this guy.

    7. @artless

      You live in a majority white country. Go live in any country populated and run by blacks and tell us how fantastic it is.

    8. Reading these comments is funny. People take the the hardworking productive self sufficient immigrants they know and project that across the entire population of immigrants. I've met and known countless immigrants like that. However I also see the endless masses politically agitating for more free stuff and all their fellow travelers that were born here in the USA.

      Has anyone asked their hardworking immigrant friends what they think about the masses who come to the USA and join up with the domestic groups that use the political means? Guess what? They don't like paying 50% or more in total taxation either. They don't have any love of the free stuff army.

      This is a battle between the productive and the unproductive. The productive are grossly outnumbered. That's why a few people can rule and poverty is the rule worldwide over human history. Flooding nations where productive people have traditionally dominated with unproductive people while rotting the minds of the domestic population is to re-establish that human societal norm. A few very wealthy people who rule and everyone else with nothing.

      Productive people are ultimately a threat to power because they can tell power where it can go and where to shove its edicts. So to rule you have the masses of the unproductive leach off them, drag them down, attack them socially, etc and so on.

      The battle isn't domestically born vs. immigrants. It's productive means vs political means. Each side wants more of their kind here and no more of the other.

    9. Wrong.

      This is a battle between the cooperative and the coercive, a battle between society and the state.

      "Be afraid of immigrants and give me more power" is no different than "Be afraid of global warming and give me more power" or "Be afraid of terrorism and give me more power" or "Be afraid of racism and give me more power." It's all the same stupid trick. You just happen to be afraid of Mexicans.

      The modern day American stereotypes of the dangers Hispanic immigrants pose is just a cultural echo of a centuries old fear of invasion by catholic, Spanish speakers mixed in with a healthy dose of fear of Indians.

      The early Dutch, German and Anglo rotestant settlers who laid the cultural foundations of America came from subcultures that were particularly antagonize and antagonistic toward the dominant catholic imperial power of the day: Hapsburg Spain. Before any of them had even left Europe they feared invasion and domination from Spanish-speaking Catholics whom they described no differently than you describe today's immigrants. When these groups moved to America they learned to fear Indians.

      Today's Latin American immigrants are catholic, Spanish speaking Indians. It triggers centuries old fears on a very deep level, and y'all look stupid because of it.

      An American today describing Mexicans as violent lazy drunk is using the same language protestants used to describe catholics 500 years ago.

      Immigration is just global warming for republicans: a stupid trick expertly crafted for t stupid thing you're afraid of for stupid reasons.

    10. If these immigrants are the hardest working, most productive people on the planet, then why are they fleeing their own countries full of other hard working, productive people? Their own countries should be shining beacons of wealth and industry, yet instead they are third world cesspools. Oh wait, it must be that evil libertarian boogeyman, The State that is keeping them down. Of course the USA has a simple night watchman government that is barely noticable, so that will make all the difference.

    11. "Give me a plucky rule-defying illegal immigrant over a homegrown soft whiny whiteboy bootlicker any day of the week."

      We do have way too many laws and such, but this is also the hallmark of turdworld societies and why filth flows through the streets and nothing of note can really get accomplished.

      Donxon is right in saying their are too many softies here in the US, and not just the white ones smoking pot while playing Warcraft or Call of Duty. It's a nation wide problem, however, importing more turd world people will not make things for us better long term. Let us note they wore t-shirts asking for Biden to let them in and not 'Who is John Galt?'.

    12. Interesting arguments on both sides of this thorny issue, which I still wrestle with, lo nearly 30 years after discovering libertarianism. I have many thoughts on the subject, mirroring much that was said above. But just a couple thoughts in my head right now on the subject:

      (1) The moral issue: What's immoral for a person to do as an individual is not magically rendered moral by voting for others to perform the act, i.e. It's inconceivable that any individual has the moral right to prevent "those others" from freely traveling from "over there, to over here." So millions of people, aggregating their non-power and conferring it upon a group of government enforcers, does not magically create morality out of immorality.
      (2) The practical issue: Multi-culturalism, diversity and heterogeneity for its own sake is greatly overrated, to put it mildly...especially when it is coerced and foisted upon us, "for our own good," and otherwise occurs unnaturally and at the expense of others' liberty. Cultural homogeneity-heavy societies---from an insular "China Town" or "Mexican Village", to an entire country like Japan---are probably happier, have less strife, conflict and friction, and spend their waking hours worrying about more important problems.
      Sorry I didn't provide a solution, but it's something to think about.

    13. So you want to hand over more power to the state because you're afraid of Mexicans. That's no different from some lefty who wants to turn over more power to the state because he's afraid of the weather.

  3. While I pretty much agree with RW’s views on immigration (i.e., it should be more an issue of property rights and no welfare incentive), I can’t but think it seems somewhat unfair to deprive one of citizenship who was brought to the US as a small child, has no connection to their native country (sometimes not even speaking the language), and who has essentially lived nearly their entire life as a US resident. Obviously, the idea of “anchor babies” is a huge problem which encourages such immigration, but it seems cruel to deport a person to a country they may know nothing about or have no connections to, based on the fact that an adult brought them to the country illegally when they were a small child. Am I, perhaps, misinterpreting what these “Dreamers” are? And what would be a sensible solution to cases like I mentioned? But, as another commenter mentioned, I would prefer the welfare incentive be eliminated both for immigrants and citizens.

    1. You may be misinterpreting RW. I don't think he is advocating that so-called "dreamers" be shipped anywhere. "Citizenship" has become a government entitlement program and like all government entitlement programs is nothing more than theft and should not be expanded. In fact like theft all such programs should be minimized or eliminated.

  4. Your philosophy of weakness is being destroyed by those with power. They are laughing at you. How does it feel?

  5. I find it fascinating that all these opinions and qualifications and tightly held beliefs never stop to factor in the environment that the swamp intentionally created to foster a divided country on immigration!

    Its amazing they is no reference to the purpose built neo-feudal oligarchy we live in and how the multi national is sacrosanct. not only do they get to outsource as they please to environments that distort the fair trade idea with slave or subsidized labor and then have the gaul to spend enormous amounts of money to ensure their monopolies are never challenged.

    So there is no real capitalism as there is no real open competition in many areas and as joe public sees his opportunity to be employed and make a living wage shrink in an ever expanding political ploy to use a leveraged immigration populace to keep "liberal in office," ... someone has to be at fault.

    Immigrants are an easy scape goat as the country that was at times decent to them now is a life and death mortal enemy.

    The Idiocracy cant reconcile that the US govt is an active virulent cancer that is determined at all costs to subjugate them

  6. I'm always amazed by the argument that non-white immigrants are the cause of our problems.

    Look around at the Karens and Kens who are submitting to the COVIDCon and cheering on masking, lockdowns, and the devastation of any remaining liberty, and you'll find a fair number of US-born whites. Most of the tech titans who are banning un-PC views are US-born whites.

    Moreover, history didn't begin in the last 10 years. Lincoln's war was a huge step-up in statism and loss of liberties, and that was lots of white men of European heritage. The early 20th century -- particularly the creation of the Fed, the introduction of the federal income tax, and World War I -- was arguably the next large step in the deterioration of liberty in the US, and that was another bunch of white men of European heritage. The expansion of the welfare state in the 1960s was led by another bunch of white men of European heritage.

    The COVIDCon and all of these historical developments, led by white men, dwarf any negative impact that folks might allege comes from non-white immigration.