Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Meghan Markle's Woke Attack Against Buckingham Palace and What Harry Should Have Done

It should come as no surprise that when Meghan Markle chose to reveal, to the public, the horrors of being a princess in the United Kingdom in the 21st Century that it was to a black lesbian television host, Oprah Winfrey.

Aside from their bonding over being oppressed while super-wealthy, on the intersectionality chart, Oprah's black and lesbian combo is almost as good as it gets. Only if she was a transgender would the score have resulted in a perfect oppressed person host but she does get additional points for being overweight.

You have to hand it to Markle, she is one slick operator. She knows which way social trends are blowing and she played the Critical Race Theory victim perfectly. To play a victim while being a one-time princess still living in the lap of super-luxury is not a role that many could pull off. But she had the race card.

As Michael McCaffrey observed about the interview:

Racism was brought up numerous times throughout, most notably in regard to the British tabloids’ mistreatment of Meghan. Harry and Meghan claim, and Oprah obviously agrees, that the only reason the tabloids picked on Meghan was that she is of “mixed race.”

The problem with this accusation and assumption is that there is strong evidence to the contrary, which was brought up in the interview. Namely, Harry voiced his concern that what the tabloids did to his mother Diana would happen to Meghan. The tabloids savaged Diana. They did the same to Charles and Camilla and virtually any and all major players in the royal family. The tabloids are awful, but to everyone, not just “mixed race” royals who are Americans, actresses and divorcees.

And then on Monday following the Markle show, a follow-up new clip was played where Harry was asked by Oprah if he left the UK “because of racism.” Harry replied it was “a large part of it.”

Racism is promoted as systemic according to the crowd that wants to destroy western civilization and, to that crowd, launching racist-allegation stink bombs in the direction of Buckingham Palace is as good as it gets. Markle knew in which direction to face the cannons and what ammo to use.

To freedom lovers, the British ruling family is not considered the heart of western civilization. Western civilization is about advancing science, freedom and civility. In addition to various themes of art, philosophy, literature and law, with strong Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman influence.

To freedom lovers, members of present-day British royalty are something akin to declawed cats. They are interesting to have around, and as long as they know where to pee they are quite harmless.

But for those who are all about tearing down statues, reality and any other reminders of any era not associated with reality-distorting social justice warriors in charge, the Mehgan bombs on the palace were direct hits.

Without enough details for any of us to know exactly what went on, Markle told Oprah that Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, made her cry. 

Kate knows now, but she didn't at the time realize, that drama actress Markle never stops looking for new drama material. 

The only thing we do know is that Markle's alleged Kate-provoked crying apparently had something to do with the dresses of the flower girls that would be part of Markle's wedding. Oprah slipped here and showed her sexist side when she later failed to ask Harry if he cried also.

But the stink bombs are out.

It largely seems to be about Harry talking privately to various family members and returning to Meghan and spinning things about his conversations in a way Meghan would approve. In a way that fits the Meghan narrative about class wars, race wars, and who knows what other kinds of wars, aimed at her.

Mehgan's father seemed to come closer to the truth than most when he told a British television station on Tuesday that his daughter's admission she was suicidal while living in the UK reflected badly on his son-on-law. 

He said: "It really did upset me, like I said, it would have been easy for her to reach out to me...But the other thing is that I would think that she could turn to her husband." When noted she did speak to Harry, Markle said Meghan's husband Harry had "obviously not supported her that well."

And there we have it, Harry is the new man of this social justice era, instead of setting things straight in line with reality, with his family and with his wife, the various class war narratives are supported by him that destroy reality and normality. What a terrible way to live.

The lesson here for all is, just as one should never be a busybody Karen, one should never be a Meghan looking for imagined class wars.

And for young men to learn to certainly never be a Harry who lets social justice madness slip into the family house. 



  1. "Racism is promoted as systemic according to the crowd that wants to destroy western civilization..."

    There IS systemic racism, and it has a name - the us drug war, minimum wage, gun control, you name the government program and it has racist undertones - but the "woke" crowd wants no part in actually destroying it. They are far too happy welling in their misery and gaining attention that way. They may ruin western civ but they won't rid themselves of systemic racism as long as they have overlords.

  2. Here's my theory: upon having his own child Harry had a moment of clarity where he realized his family is a globe-spanning mafia full of gangsters who may or may not be child molesters and probably killed his mom, so he grabed his kid and wife and got the hell out of dodge, but people are struggling to see it for what it is because it's tempting to dismiss it all as wokery jokery made doubly obnoxious by royal worshipfullness.

    1. Harry is not that smart or self-aware. That's always been his deal. He was the stupid son of Diana. He could not get into Eton and had to attend a "second tier" elite public school. Imagine that; the son of the Prince and Princess of Wales was too stupid to be admitted entry into a school that you can basically buy admission into. Let that sink in.

      The British crown has zero power. It only exists at the benevolence of the Parliament, the larger British government, and the unwritten, ad hoc British constitution. If they decided to eliminate it tomorrow, they'd have no argument against it other than "tradition."

      That the members of the monarchy engage in all manner of depravity and insanity is only due to the fact that Parliament really doesn't care and doesn't interfere with the everyday job of it screwing and oppressing the English, Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish peoples. If anything, it is a tacit endorsement by the government of their nonsense.

    2. The Royals are the British Deep State.

  3. What sane person pays attention to these clowns?

  4. SJWs are a bunch of perfectly well-off people who play the victim card and try to score points by accusing and attacking others. I avoid them as best I can. It sucks when they're in the family.

  5. Oprah and her business partner guests spend a lot of time talking about their "personal truth".

    This, of course, is out of the po-mo playbook.

    Somehow with all this personal truth decay on display, they forgot to mention that Oprah and the Megiteers are business partners currently developing a number of media projects.

    Some personal truths are more important than others.

    The Duran guys have an interesting take on the genuine personal and family tragedy opened up between the two brothers. I hope they are able to reconcile.