Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Louisiana Man Suffers ‘Rare’ Severe Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine

Warning graphic photos of reaction.


Mark Changizi points out: "Key psychological part of the story is that 'he’s thankful to have received his dose'".



  1. Somebody died? Definitely COVID. The reality that he was 80, overweight, had heart disease and at death's door anyway is irrelevant.

    Somebody died shortly after getting vaccine? Oh we don't know the vaccine caused the death. Let's not jump to conclusions. Must have had pre-existing conditions, etc.

    I love the intellectual dishonesty of the COVID hysterics.

    1. My doctor friend (he reviews medical cases for a large organization) says he receives 2-3 reports of deaths following COVID vaccination EVERY DAY. He is expressly prohibited from classifying these as having anything to do with vaccination - and he's thinking of quitting.

  2. "After I received the second dose, I was blind for three days and my penis shriveled up and fell off. That being said, I'm very happy to have gotten my vaccination and would encourage everyone else to do so."

  3. That's Darwinism in action. Weeding out the gullible and the stupid.