Thursday, March 4, 2021

Look What Cancel Culture Did to Sales of Dr. Seuss Books

 Below is a snapshot of the current bestseller list at Amazon. Nine out of ten of the top Amazon bestsellers are Dr. Seuss books:

The full list of Dr. Seuss books is here.



  1. Meanwhile e-bay bans his 6 "offensive" books.

  2. The market will solve this. There will platforms that allow all Dr. Seuss books to be sold. There will be counterfeit versions. No child need go without Dr. Seuss. Three cheers for the market!

    1. Dr. Seuss books will soon be sold alongside other ebay-banned items. Next to an AR15 on Arms List or Gunbroker perhaps. Or maybe in the classified section at the end of your city's free weekly newspaper, right next to the ads for Asian massage parlors.

  3. Except it was the publisher that cancelled those books ... so now people are fighting back by ... lining the pockets of the canceller

  4. Historically are there any examples of book burners/censors being the good guys?

    Paraphrasing a tweet from (I think) Mike Rowe.