Monday, March 1, 2021

Kristi Noem: A First Take

Kristi Noem

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem made her national debut on Saturday as she gave a speech at CPAC 2021. 

A libertarian friend wrote me and said, "Noem is, of course, better than the typical Republican...But Republican politicians always disappoint. Always. It doesn't matter what they say at conferences like CPAC. They always turn out to be mostly bad...Any thoughts?"

So here goes. Here is my take.

In some ways, it was an impressive speech. 

She has a good speechwriter. I was most impressed when she took on cancel culture warriors and their attempt to cancel the founding fathers: 

Across America these last several months, we watched an organized, coordinated campaign to remove and eliminate all references to our nation’s founding and many other parts of our history...

By discrediting the individuals who formed America’s founding principles, they create doubt, and then they can remake America into a very different political image. It is our job to help explain why this is wrong...

Our founders had their flaws, certainly. But to use those flaws to condemn their ideals... is both unjust and it’s self-defeating. How many of us can even live up to our own ideals? Without the words, the beliefs and the sacrifices of those few, the world would not have a ringing example of true freedom. To attempt to cancel the founding generation is an attempt to cancel our own freedoms. Let’s always remember, America is good. Freedom is better than tyranny. We are unique. We are exceptional, and no American should ever, ever apologize for that.

Outside of Rand Paul, I can't think of another politician who would make such a strong case.

But my correspondent is correct, politicians always disappoint.

There was one tell in her speech that hints she may be part of the neo-conservative camp when it comes to foreign policy. She made clear that she sees problems with China and that the United States must take a global leadership role, apparently including against China (my bold):

These days, too many are embracing China, a nation that crushes freedom of speech and religion. China literally places religious minorities in internment camps. China responded to the COVID virus by trying to cover it up. And one of their mitigation strategies was to weld doors shut to lock families in their homes. Friends of China are not friends of freedom. Make no mistake, America’s leadership is needed in the world. So now let’s have a really candid conversation. Everyone in this room and those listening at home, they know that America needs leaders right now. Those leaders need wisdom. They need the confidence to stand up for our principles and a will to act. Those leaders need to be conservative.

This is a very big red flag.

After hailing the founding fathers and even mentioning Geroge Washington by name, the paragraph above shows she does not grasp or chooses to ignore Washington's advice in his farewell address to avoid foreign entanglements.

So Noem may just be another politician with freedom rhetoric that is just itching to go to war.

It is early so I don't want to form a hard opinion yet but, at this early stage, she doesn't sound solid from a libertarian perspective when it comes to foreign affairs. That is a big problem. It means when it comes to war she may be in alignment with the deep state. Let's see how many other deviations from libertarian foundations she signals and how many deviations she isn't talking about openly but that she would be willing to make to gain the four-year throne. The key to get a complete sense, of who she is, will be to see who she has as advisers around her and who supports her, but I am not optimistic at this point. 



  1. The solution is to vote more, and harder. I like to use a firm tap on the voting machine screen to show it I really mean my vote. Also we must scour the countryside for the perfect who's not a neo con, or at least one who's speechwriter knows how to properly fool us, thats good enough for me. Then we can blow whole months of our time following their shenanigans, analyzing their every word...decipher, argue, even fight amongst ourselves about what they really mean. Everyone knows our hope is in the politician...for they have brought us this far...and they'll get us out of this mess. The repubs are about to show the dems who the boss is at voting. Hoorah for the politician! Suck it dems! We're hard voters!
    Btw have you seen the mayor of paduka ky? You should do an expose on that guy. Wow is all I gotta say, wow!

  2. And they say DeSantis is a zionist neocon too.
    It seems our only allies opposing the Global War on Germs are the same people who shut us and Ron Paul down when we opposed their wars.
    And our only allies opposing the Global Wars for the Empire are lefties who are as scared of Germs as neocons are afraid of Muslims and Chinese.

  3. It's all just an endless, popularity contest.

  4. This is what Kristi Noem is like, she still believes in running your life:

  5. Most likely anybody that's any good would have made that clear long before they advance to a governor's position. She might do some good but if we are in doubt she isn't one of us.

  6. "These days, too many are embracing China, a nation that crushes freedom of speech and religion. China literally places religious minorities in internment camps. China responded to the COVID virus by trying to cover it up. And one of their mitigation strategies was to weld doors shut to lock families in their homes."

    -- In the US, the left's "cancel culture" seems to be eerily similar to official Chinese policy on speech and religion. And in places like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, you could be locked up in a hotel or a quarantine camp for weeks, and/or be snitched on by your neighbors if you leave your house, so that's not a million miles away from having your door welded shut.

  7. Holding hands with you on the China segment, Robert. It jumped out at me like a fire engine siren. "Hey neocons, don't worry! I'm reliable!" Very disappointing.

  8. No one likes to point out the Elephant in the room when it comes to china. We tolerate the toxic trade policies they dictate to us to access markets that dont benefit us one whit.

    They are all about killing free trade because its all about benefitting "them" trade and the profit driven multi-nationals have no issue using slave labor to maximize profit while everyone else looks the other way.

    While the oligarchy steals from the world the companies that run US politics get to sell the 90% down the river. There is nothing you can do when inflation is double digit and wage stagflation steal buying power to the top.

    No one likes to talk economic reality except for the rare few