Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Joe is Slipping Fast

It is getting tough for Joe to even be the frontman when all the steps and words are planned out for him.

 I predict President Kamala Harris will awaken the anti-government resistance like never before.

The puppet masters behind the curtain will try to keep Joe as the frontman for as long as they can but Joe's mental candle is nearly burnt out.



  1. We can only hope Bob. We might see a political bloodbath for the Democrats not seen since the Republican Party in the 1930s. Of course unified control by any party will almost always be a detriment to liberty, but I can't help but feel viscerally satisfied by seeing one of them torn apart. Now all we would have to worry about is a broken Democratic party would make a second Trump term all the more likely.

  2. During the campaign I came across JoeBidenIsSick.com, presenting evidence that Biden has Parkinson's, which often comes with dementia. I predicted before his inauguration that he would be gone in three months. Looks like it may be sooner.

  3. Why can't we simply see Slow Joe's rapid mental decline as yet another fact of World War III, the Pharmaceutical Phase?

    They just took him off his Ritalin after the 'inauguration'.

    Study up on your biochemistry. Most everything's about to have a basis in that discipline.

  4. Earlobes attached. If you are going to have Kamala you must show Joe as losing it. This version of Joe is a better actor than the other one.

  5. I'm guessing that the most powerful person in America is the one who decides which documents to put on Joe's desk for him to sign.