Tuesday, March 30, 2021

It is Imperative That You Start Thinking Workarounds

Sadly, only the super-connected and the very clever will have freedom in the time ahead.

Consider this madness.

I have a friend who was born on the road when his parents were in the process of escaping one of the most brutal regimes even known to mankind.

I don't want to go into any more details because I don't want to blow anyone's cover but he has figured out a workaround to Trudeau's madness--a very clever maneuver.

We are now in the age of workarounds. This is what you should be thinking about.

It is an expansion of the Ludwig von Mises observation that “capitalism breathes through loopholes.”



  1. Not just the great white north.

    People trying to leave UK for holiday from next week face £5,000 fine

  2. Has anyone explained adequately why the U.K. and the other countries in the British Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, Canada) have all turned so totalitarian on the pandemic measures?

    1. I'm an Australian expat living in the US. I left 15 years ago. A large majority of Australians are very placid and naive and have absolutely no understanding of what freedom is. They embrace the "nanny state" mentality. The police have a lot of power. The constitution does not provide the protections of the US constitution, so the politicians have a lot more leeway to come down harder. There is still a very heavy british mentality, unlike the united states that rejected that mentality and at one point in time opted for a certain level of freedom. Obviously the US has gone down a toilet since then but just not as far as the Commonwealth.

  3. Historically they might have had a higher trust level re state officials. These cultures were not born out of "Kick the bastards out," and "Install checks & balances against the new ones" like here.

    If the past 15 months haven't been enough to disabuse someone of trust, then I don't know what to say.

  4. Return flight to U.S., then cross the border by land. No required hotel nonsense.