Monday, March 8, 2021

Is There a Joe Rogan Lie That Will Cost Spotify Billions?

Joe Rogan

First of all, let me make clear I don't follow Joe Rogan close enough to know everything he has said about his move to Spotify. 

I do recall some controversy about some videos not showing up on Spotify but I don't know all the details, but the commentary in the below video suggests that Rogan may have misled potential Spotify subscribers and shareholders and that could be a very big deal. 

It could cost Spotify billions and probably cost Rogan big bucks personally.

Again, I can't vouch for the facts here but it appears damning and the commentators are both lawyers.



  1. Just like we fear extreme government tracking of money with crypto, I'm afraid the censorship we will see in the near future will be just as extreme. Wish I could be more optimistic.

    1. This is an allegation of blatant, self-censorship for pay, no?