Monday, March 29, 2021

Heroic First Amendment Lawyer Featured in HBO Documentary

Benjamin Barr (r) and Robert Wenzel at Wenzel's office in 2017

 Benjamin Barr emails:

Benjamin Barr

to me


We just found out last night that our work defending 8Chan and Jim Watkins from the speech bullies in Congress was featured in episode four of HBO’s Q: Into the Storm docu-series. The purpose of the documentary series is to examine the QAnon movement as well as free speech controversies surrounding it. 

My law partner, Steve Klein, and I believe that inquisitions against political speech, even speech of the stranger variety, are important to defend against. As Ron Watkins noted in the documentary, both he and his father called and e-mailed several prominent First Amendment attorneys to ask for help and none would touch the case. Too hot. Of my own accord, I reached out to 8Chan because I saw a First Amendment spectacle in the making and was happy to defend them. While the director takes some liberties concocting a story about my political connections, it is an otherwise decent piece examining the free speech elements of that controversy. If you get a chance and have HBO access, take a gander.



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Congrats to Ben!

He is doing great work, though I rush to make clear that the libertarian perspective on speech is that control of speech falls to the owners of  property rather than blanket First Amendment "free speech." 

That said, the First Amendment can often be used as a tool against those who are trying to interfere with speech on private property, including Congress.


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