Monday, March 22, 2021

‘Graygender, Maverick, Feminine of Center’: NYU lists TWO DOZEN gender options

New York University provided more than two dozen gender options on a student survey, reports Campus Reform.

In February, the school’s Office of Equity, Belonging, and Community Action sent the survey to students’ email addresses, Campus Reform has confirmed. 

"This survey originated from the Steinhardt Office of Equity and Belonging," Director of Teacher Education and Vice Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning Diana Turk told Campus Reform in an email. Turk is listed among the faculty members who work within the Office of Equity, Belonging, and Community Action.

“This survey was designed by my office to understand everyone's experiences and sense of belonging at the school," explained Director of Equity Initiatives Maria Ramirez on Facebook. "We'll be using the data to inform our equity work in hopes of making Steinhardt a better place for everyone, especially our more vulnerable peers.”

Thye survery reportedly included a question about gender identity, which allowed students to choose from more than 30 different options.

Among these options were “boi,” “maverick,” “aliagender,” “butch,” “demiboy,” “gender apathetic,” “graygender,” “pangender,” “neutrois,” “masculine of center,” and “feminine of center.”

This, of course, is all social justice warrior madness designed to chip away at reality and Western Civilization.

It falls under the "Night sky" method of argument

When you challenge the SJWs that there are only two sexes, they pull out their dishonest night sky distortion arguments. It is all about gaining power. They want it very bad.

Western Civilization Warriors need to challenge this very dangerous coprolite. 



  1. That is a winning graphical design - where can one buy the t-shirt?
    It reminds one of those fridge magnets that so many companies gave to employees about 20, or so, years ago with all the faces with various grimaces where you could choose your mood for the day (happy, sad, frustrated, confused,...).

  2. I wonder if young people are so perpetually unhappy and anxious because of the dizzying number of gender choices available to them? ...Sort of like how I momentarily feel with the confusing menu options at a Starbuck's, making things so much more complicated than when there was just the simple combinations of black/cream/sugar options.
    Just order it black, or maybe with some cream added, and be done with it; Life will be much happier.

  3. All of that should be replaced with the single category: "needs psychiatric care".