Saturday, March 27, 2021

California Governor Newsom Reportedly Engaging in Sexual Affair With Top Staffer

Gov. Newsom and Lindsey Cobia

Oh, the knives are out for the creepy governor.

The local Los Cerritos, California newspaper, The Los Cerritos News, is reporting that California Governor Gavin Newsom is having a sexual affair with a high-ranking member of his staff.

Citing anonymous sources, the news outlet said “many of Newsom’s other high-ranking staffers are aware of the relationship, and are ready to jump ship.”

The woman at the center of the emerging scandal, Lindsey Cobia, was recently promoted and given additional duties in the office. 

On the recent promotion: And should we be reading between the lines on this: International Family News notes that according to her LinkedIn profile, Cobia and Newsom have known each other since at least 2015. Cobia was Deputy Campaign Manager for Newsom’s successful bid for governor. She also was the Campaign Manager for a 2016 ballot proposition that Newsom championed to ban so-called high-capacity gun magazines and require Californians to register with the state before purchasing ammunition.

Newsom is married to Jennifer Siebel, whom he calls "First Partner" and the couple has four children.

One can imagine what he must call Cobia in private if the rumors are true.  

That said, I don't particularly have much interest in these types of sexual scandals but if it smudges the saintly halo of a power freak politician, I am not going to complain if the word gets out.

(ht Sean O'Reilly)


  1. And they always have such terrible taste in women

  2. He has reached the end of his service life. Time to replace him. Even the network expects casualties.