Monday, March 8, 2021

A Call for Permanent National Guard Presence at the Capitol

Government never shrinks.

As a follow up to the January 6  goofy storming of the Capitol, which mainstream media is laughably promoting as an attempted insurrection, the task force charged with reviewing Capitol Hill security in the wake of the "attack" has proposed among its reforms launching a permanent military police battalion staffed by rotating National Guard and reserve troops to help provide “quick reaction” support in case of future violence, the Military Times reports.

“Our national capital is a prominent tourist destination, venue for many peaceful First Amendment activities, and a high-value target for foreign terrorists or domestic extremists,” the report states. “Yet it has no dedicated quick reaction force for response to crises.



  1. Rome did something like this once, right before...

  2. It's easier to sell the public (even the 50% that are their fans) on the idea of an insurrection if there are physical changes to security required to "ensure the safety" of our representatives. Sure, lots of talk by their gang goes a long way to convincing the yokels, but actually implementing something like this is so much more powerful. Then they don't have to explain anything - they just have to point to the increased security that was necessary.
    Make the story too big to fail and it will be accepted as true: 100% by some, 75% by other, 50% by some... but only very few will know (in the way Winston Smith knew that one time) that it was not and is not true.

  3. Imagine, more pigs at the trough!

  4. And this development surprises whom?