Friday, February 5, 2021

USA Today Op-Ed Denounces Tom Brady For Being White

By Paul Joseph Watson

USA Today published an op-ed which denounced Tom Brady for refusing to walk back his previous support for Donald Trump and for being “white.”

Yes, really.

With the Super Bowl just days away, Nancy Armour (who is white), took the opportunity to fan the flames of more political and racial division by attacking Brady for refusing to cave to the woke mob that requires total subservience to its ideological consensus.

As Dave Blount explains, the motivation for the hit piece is the fact that Brady committed the sin of refusing to recant his previous statements about Trump. In order to terrify the rest into compliance, leftists appear to reserve their most vitriolic invective for celebrities who simply try to avoid wading into the putrid swamp that is modern politics.

“Brady has expressed support in the past for his golfing buddy Donald Trump. Nowadays, Brady is keeping a low profile on anything political, which is understandable, considering that the establishment is out for blood. People suspected of being among the 74 million who voted to reelect Trump are having their lives destroyed by vindictive liberals who hold all the levers of power.”

“The left-wing piranhas comprising the media would love for Brady to denounce his friend, so they could revel in his submission and humiliation. They wouldn’t mind for him to defend Trump, so they could feature Brady for the Two Minutes Hate. But just keeping his mouth shut on the grounds that athletes should not have to justify their political views to ideological bullies is not acceptable. So USA Today attacks in the most vicious way liberals can conceive of: by denouncing him for being Caucasian.”

Armour vents her fury at Brady simply because he wants to mind his own business and won’t be trampled by the mob into being an amplifier of demented progressive authodoxy.

“The Make America Great Again hat in his locker, the flippant endorsement of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Only when those ties became inconvenient did Brady decide he wanted to “stick to sports,” and that he preferred to be a beacon of positivity rather than delve into society’s thorny ills,” she writes.

She then engages in brazen racism by declaring, “How mighty white of him.”

Armour then whines about how Brady’s refusal to be ideologically browbeaten into submission by duplicitous racial grifters like her is an example of his “white privilege.”

“Brady’s ability to enter and exit the debate at his choosing, to shield himself from accountability, is the height of white privilege. As this country grapples with the far reaches of systemic racism, look no further than Brady, for whom the expectations, and allowances granted, will always be different [because he is white].”

Armour, who has been with USA Today since 2014, has a history of disguising social justice activism behind a thin veil of sports journalism.

She previously called for the abolition of NFL cheerleaders and has consistently pushed Black Lives Matter rhetoric.

Armour is a cretin, a bully and an intellectual coward, but then again you knew that already because she’s a mainstream journalist.

The above originally appeared at Summit.News.


  1. So if you're Black or brown - wait, I'm sorry, is it OK to call people "Black" now? and is "Black" supposed to be capitalized?? But "brown" is not capitalized?? What are these rules now? Can anyone keep up? Anyway, if you're "Black" or "brown" does that mean you cannot enter or exit a debate at will? This is just clickbait drivel from a troll.

    1. I wish this was clickbait drivel from a troll. This is the kind of thinking that is at the epicenter of Critical Race Theory that is being taught in schools, in governments and at major corporations.

      It is extremely dangerous to dismiss this as clickbait drivel. It is a very dangerous and serious attack on Western Civilization.

    2. She is not a troll; she is a flat-out racist.

    3. It's just so easy to counter her arguments. She seems to be saying people of color have no freewill. Does that even require a response? If so, then we're truly dealing with IQs in the single digits.

  2. Without White people, anything resembling a modern society is completely impossible. There... I said it.

    1. And you would be absolutely correct. Im done dancing around reality. The long Anglo-European climb is matched by no other modern society. Even though I may not have achieved it personally...

      There will be no apologies no recants and a lot of pride!

    2. The sine qua non of Western Civilization's stupendous rise is European culture, not light-skinned people.

    3. Well in the depths of stupidity today no one will understand the difference Sui. Its all anti white all the time racist propaganda. And everyone ... I mean everyone seems to think its okay. I am NOT racist as a white man ... but dont ever expect me to be ashamed of it.

      Cancel cancer in the US is trying to pull a South Africa ... and if they continue it wont be pretty.

  3. So just keeping to yourself is "the height of white privilege"? I would have thought the HEIGHT of white privilege would be something like owning slaves or at least preference in getting hired or into schools. The absolute worst white privilege can do is let you keep your mouth shut? Why would anyone care about it, then? White privilege apparently ain't all it's cracked up to be.

  4. IIRC, Brady had a politically correct slogan on the back of his helmet. It sure as Hell wasn't M.A.G.A.!! I would have remembered.
    But he IS undeniably white! So there.

  5. "...Nancy Armour (who is white)..."

    Is she though? It's astonishing just how many of the "my fellow white people" crowd are not white at all.

  6. People will always hate successful people. Especially Tom Brady. He got in trouble from a mayor for working out in a park, cause Covid, he gets mocked constantly for not wearing a mask, people are constantly wanting the NFL to fine him for it, he went to his OC house when it wasn’t allowed cause of social distancing, he hugged his son in the stands after the NFC championship(this of course had mixed views, not following stupid NFL protocols but he was sharing an important event with his son) and he promotes having a healthy immune system to fight sickness and disease.
    Brady has been bucking the official narrative since day one and it ticks off all the people with diaper rash on their face.
    He doesn’t have time to banter with ninnies who don’t have a life.
    And the greatest thing about it, he doesn’t care a bit.
    He lives his life the way he wants .
    Tom Freaking Brady. Going to Super Bowl #10, for ring #7.
    The GOAT. BBFL.
    I’ll be cheering him on. Heck, we will have a whole house full cheering him on.

  7. White men speaking or acting at will (or declining to do so) is the surest way to get attacked by the social-justice mob. Which shows that whites actually enjoy LESS privilege than "black and brown" people; They're straight-jacketed to a degree that greater-melanin-content people are.

  8. Her article is absolutely disgusting. Hard to believe our once proud society has come to this in just a few years, a blink of an eye historically, seriously jeopardizing the limitless opportunity we have achieved for individuals of all "colors". Why was "colored people" taboo a few decades ago, but now "people of color" is sacrosanct?

  9. I’ve been referring to myself as a person of white.