Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Video Democrats Ran at the Start of Trump's Impeachment Trial

This is further evidence of the bumbling Trump who has followers that would do anything for him.

He had no plan on January 6 and some of his followers are going to suffer severe consequences.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have footage like the below to tighten the noose around everyone that isn't joke woke, while the BLM protestors can destroy private businesses across the land.


The Left is winning because Trump is the perfect foil that can be used by the joke woke to paint all conservatives, free-market advocates, libertarians, etc. as dangerous.

Well, they can't do it to this blog. Nancy Pelosi and Trump are both buffoons. 

Let them try and fit that in their narratives.



  1. Trial by negative campaign ad?

    And they can do it to anyone or any publication because they don't have fixed meanings of words and they have no trouble removing context and inserting a new context.

  2. The Miranda Warning applies anywhere and everywhere these days, not just when you're arrested ("Anything you say can and will be held against you...")

  3. The portions of the 14th Amendment relevant to the second Impeachment trial of President Trump:

    "No person shall...hold any office...under the United States...who, having previously taken an oath...as an officer of the United States...to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

    The issue then: Did Trump engage in insurrection or rebellion, or give aid or comfort to the enemy? Only by redefining those words to mean something different than they did during the Civil War era, can one answer "yes." The 14th Amendment was passed with a view toward preventing Confederate civil and military leaders, like Jefferson Davis or Robert E. Lee, from later holding office and gaining power. And the sort of insurrection and rebellion the Ratifiers had in mind would have been on the level and in context of what had just occurred with the Civil War---secession, war, conquest, military sieges, embargoes, naval blockades, etc.

    Does anyone in their right mind think the 1/6/21 panty-raid was on the level of the 1861-1865 "rebellion," let alone that what Trump did, with his vague rhetoric, was on par with the actions of generals and leaders of the Confederacy?!

    Pure show-trial...