Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Democrats Hate of Trump Never Stops

House Democrats have introduced a bill to ban “twice impeached presidents” from burial at Arlington National Cemetery and federal funds from going to buildings displaying their names or acknowledging their achievements.

The bill is called the "No Glory For Hate Act." But shouldn't they include themselves in the banning of names on government buildings? After all, this bill is a form of hate, Trump-hate.

Of course, it would be great if they could transfer this hate to all presidents.



  1. conviction necessary, just accuse someone twice

  2. I know that the Constitution is pretty much worthless, but isn't this an illegal Bill of Attainder?

    Not that the Constitution ever stopped the clowns in Congress from doing anything.

    1. I think Ex Post Facto law might be what you're identifying here, i.e. a law imposing consequences for an action occurring before the law was passed. And yes, Ex Post Facto laws are unconstitutional.
      Bill of Attainder is where a law or regulation or Congressional action is directed at a specific individual or entity, e.g. a law passed prohibiting Michael, and only Michael, from purchasing alcohol on Sundays.

  3. It's very hard to get worked up over internecine battles among creatures in The Cesspool, of which Trump is now one (he chose to run). My only question is whether this costs or saves the taxpayers money.

  4. The longevity and raw intensity of their seething rage, vindictiveness, and obsession to punish is a marvel to observe. The Dems have no self-awareness of how absurd this all is.
    The Dems are on their honeymoon, and all they can obsess over and fixate upon is their hatred and bitterness toward their ex-spouse, and how to get revenge.