Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Biden Administration is Pure Evil


You will show fear if Senile Joe says you must cower because of a government blown out of proportion virus.

It really amazes me how far the statists want to push the COVID-19 panic in an effort to control everyone all the time.

If Biden does this, why wouldn't every Floridian consider secession?



  1. "If Biden does this, why wouldn't every Floridian consider secession?"

    Perhaps they heard of the US Civil War and studied how well that worked out the last time. As of 2018, one fifth of Florida's population is over the age of 65. Do you reallly think the federal government wouldn't tie Social Security benefits to participation in a secession movement?

    1. Very narrow thinking. Would Florida need SS benefits to take care of its elderly if it seceded? Think about it, especially as Wall Street moves to the Sunshine state.

    2. For one example, the greatest city in Latin America? MIAMI!

    3. Does Florida have vast gold or silver reserves to create their own currency with, or are they going to go the fiat money route? Why would Wall Street be enticed to move to a new country that would immediately be at war with one of the world's most powerful militaries?

  2. Well, thanks to the Bahamas COVID panic, I guess I'm a Floridian for a while. And as for secession? Hell Yes!!!

  3. If there is a silver lining to this type of madness, maybe it will finally wake people up. Biden (or more likely the people pulling his strings) think that just because they won an election they have carte blanche to ram through every one of their lefty policies. Obama thought the same thing when he was in office. If you read the NY Times there's this revisionist history message of Obama not being bold enough because of his conciliatory actions towards Republicans. Obama had bigger majorities in Congress and was a much better politician than Biden, but the Democrats were wiped out in Congress. Obama could've gone the Clinton route and perhaps stopped the bleeding for his party, but he chose ideology over utilitarianism. Had he gone towards a more Clintonian path it's doubtful Trump would've seen political success.

    Trump was a different type of monster. He proved during the 2016 campaign and in his presidency to be capricious, disloyal, egocentric, and most of all a buffoon. Had Democrats feigned sycophancy towards him during 2017 I don't doubt he would've been pushing for gun control and universal Healthcare (after all he made statements in support of both during his campaign.) Democrat's though chose to go down a road of declaring Trump an unacceptable aberration and illegitimate president who only won the 2016 election due to Russian interference and possible collusion. Of course Trump lost for many different reasons that my already protracted post can't get into. The point being is that whether you're an ideologue like Obama or an outsider with very limited political skill and large personal flaws like Trump, you need to have a good strategy.

    Obama believed that the long term effects of his policy would be so positive and beloved that the voters would continue to vote for him and his party. Trump believed that his persona of a pugnacious outsider who is unafraid to speak truth to power would beat back any kind of political challenge. Both were wrong and suffered huge ramifications for their failings. Biden is on track to suffer huge political blowback if he continues in this fashion. He has neither Obama's charisma or Trump's pugnacity. He is an empty suit with small Congressional majorities. He was always driven by the desire to be president and more than anything he wants it to be at the very least transitional if not transformative. As Brion McClanahan has argued we may have another James Buchanan on our hands. A man from Pennsylvania, compromise candidate who was elected on the promise of unity, but ultimately failed to stem the tide of disunity wrought across the nation and could do nothing when it split apart. History doesn't repeat, but sometimes it echoes.

  4. For what it’s worth, constitutionally there is no authority to ban domestic travel.

  5. I think the Biden adminisration is more terrified of Desantis's covid freedom approach spreading, than they are of the virus variant.

    David B.

  6. 2-Kool 2 B 4-Gotten, hey hey,
    But... That's just a goddamn piece of paper!!
    Funny how stretching the law comes back to bite you in the ass. Not lookin' at you here.