Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Americans That Are Least Willing to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine


The above chart was published by The Wall Street Journal

Nationally, about 60% of U.S. adults have either already received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine or say they will definitely get one. But a large scale national survey, which gauged responses from about 80,000 adults between Jan. 20-Feb. 1, shows geographic and also demographic divide.

Blue state, high-income, white college grads are the most likely to get the vaccine. 

This, of course, only means that high-income and a college degree doesn't necessarily translate into independent thinking and the ability to look beyond government propaganda.

Independent thinking is a very small outlier.

For most college grads, default thinking is that because sociopath Fauci has multiple degrees, his word is "science." Even though upon careful analysis Professor Irwin Corey generally makes more sense.



  1. Anyone foolish enough to take this so called "vaccine" is not only risking there own health but the overall health of the community if ADE reactions occur as is a possibility.
    People you need to read about these things. As RW has consistently said this is nonsense for a supposed virus that 99.97% of people suffer nothing more than a bad cold. If ADE reactions occur it COULD wipe out everyone who received the shot when introduced to new infection.
    You want to get the shot if you are 75 and think you are at risk? Have at it moron your death is inconsequential to society. But a 25 yr old newly married school teacher planning on having a couple kids...and possibly her husband?
    NOW it is personal. Anyone advocating for this, participating in this and most definitely profiting from this-y'all are on the hook and can sit at the defendants table when the trials start.

    1. Well, looks like you took the blue pill. You think people are "inconsequential" after they reach a certain age? You are irrelevant because you are organic

  2. The only possible trials in this matter will be show trials, just like the second impeachment.

  3. Hey, wait, there are plenty - 10's of thousands - of "high-income, white college grads" in Alabama, from where this writer hails. Firstly, we're bright enough not to live in San Fran, L.A. or NYC. And, if that's not enough attestation to our common sense, secondly, we - believe it or not - know a thing or two about biochemistry and the bloody vaccine history in this country and elsewhere. Thirdly, we've had 160 years of Washington trying to dictate our lives, and, frankly, we could give two flying fecks about the dicta coming from that rancid sh*thole or the other, aforementioned, so-called sophisticated, fourth-world dumps.

  4. “Never confuse education with intelligence. You can have a PhD and still be an idiot.”
    - R. Feynman

    1. Nassim Taleb's "IYI" concept: Intellectuals yet idiots.