Sunday, February 7, 2021

Now I Have Seen Everything

I have more than once seen a car pull up next to a car parked and some one sneak out from the passenger side and break a window and take an item. This is San Francisco after all. 

But I have never seen before anyone break-into a car, on the road with passengers in the car.

Criminals are getting extremely bold. Today, I witnessed a shoplifter walking out of a store with a handful of clothes inside the upscale Westfield Mall. Five mall security guards confronted him and surrounded him but he wouldn't give the merchandise up. He knew they wouldn't physically stop him so he just walked out with the five of them following him until he reached the sidewalk and he was free and kept on going.

About half the Walgreens in the downtown area are closed. The others have both a private security guard and an SF copper at the front door. If they catch someone shoplifting, they make him leave the goods and leave the store but there is no arrest.

It is definitely edgier than New York City of the 1980s. In the 1980s I had my car parked near Rockefeller Center when it was broken into and packages taken---the car was parked less than 10 feet from the then Aeroflot headquarters which had 24-hour police presence. When I reported it to the coppers less than 10-feet away, they shrugged. But SF now is definitely crazier.


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