Friday, February 19, 2021

Is Paul Krugman a Poser Or Just Caught Up in the Mob Hysteria?


This may say something about Paul Krugman's inability to think rationally when the mad crowd is tugging in the other direction.

Or maybe he is just a poser. He has put out a tweet where he reports that he has received two doses of COVID-19 shots but is going to continue to wear two masks until, LOL, he gets the all clear.



Naomi Wolf weighs in:   


  1. Check those responses to that imbecile's tweet in case you need to be reminded that we live in the darkest deepest pit of hell and will never escape.

    1. Social media platforms are leftist echo chambers thanks to the free market fascism that lolbertarians love so much. Of course the responses are going to parrot the mainstream talking points, because all criticisms have been banned. It's the market at work.

    2. There's nothing libertarian in the "Intellectual Property" regime which allows Big Tech to exist in the first place. But, then, R.W. would disagree - though I have yet to hear a cogent argument in defense of his position (other than Rothbard was also in favor of it).

  2. Not just until HE gets the all clear, but "until we ALL have the all clear."

  3. He forgot his face shield goggles and gloves.

  4. Krugman is just a terminal dork who wants to sit at the cool kids table.

  5. Hmmm ...

    Maybe Krugman is embracing reality.

    While all his previous pronouncements have sounded like -- as Lenin said of Kautsky -- he were chewing rags in his sleep, at least all masked up, Krugman is actually chewing rags.

  6. Just goes to show that Krugman is as I have always said and idiot. ANYONE that thinks there is a benefit worthy of the risk of taking this so called vaccine is a moron and should be treated as such.
    That said Krugman has always been a moron or at least an ideological opportunist that would do or say whatever butters his bread or feathers his nest. He is a charlatan of an economist, and if not THE leading faux intellectual out there then he should be wary of that person’s death for he might be the front runner to that crown.
    Just another piece of human debris that litters the cultural and intellectual landscape of this country.