Saturday, February 13, 2021

I think I am going to get the shot.

 Victor Ward emails:

I think I am going to get the shot

I was on the fence about taking the shot, but after seeing this video, I’m convinced: 
I’m going to the doctor’s office as soon as I finish off this bucket of Popeye’s fried chicken and a couple of slices of sweet potato pie. 
“Time for us to trust and not debate 
The vaccine believe it’s safe to take.”


  1. "Nine out 10 people won't get sick"

  2. Ahh, great video from the matrix. More well-done psyops from the latest plantation ownership. So sad but this will, no doubt, be effective with its target audience. So sad.

    There are, also no doubt, some exceptional people among the bamboozled. That they would awaken and take out the trash is a fond dream.

  3. Anyone who makes medical choices based on content of a rap video is a hopeless idiot AFAIC.

  4. That video made me more sick than the 'rona ever could.

  5. I wanted to laugh, but I instead feel rather ill.
    BTW, Victor, seeing that you are after all, a benighted minorarity, yer gonna rush out and get jabbed 'cause yer homeys said to do it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa
    Just kiddin'.

  6. Of course the YouTube comments are disabled...

  7. Super compelling. I'm sure that scads of inner-city folk, out of intense aversion to the opprobrium associated with being unvaccinated, will rush right out and get the shot.

  8. I doubt the rapper who performed this song has ever even been to prison. "You ain't black!"

  9. Now I’m convinced. No need to worry that the “vaccines” are in trial stage making those that take them subjects of an experiment. No concern that there is no knowledge of their long term safety or efficacy. No need to consider the low infection rates or the extremely low death rates of C-19. Don’t bring up that there are very good prophylactic and early treatment protocols ignored by “healthcare” bureaucrats and the corporate media. Ignore that simple nutrition and supplementation as part of a healthy lifestyle can prevent adverse effects from exposure to pathogens such as coronaviruses.