Thursday, February 11, 2021

How Do We Win This?

James Lindsay has some important observations below. These must be understood.

However, as I indicated yesterday (SEE: How To Choke the Woke), I have some ideas on how to throw  sand into the gears but take what Lindsay has to say to heart. It may get this bad. Liberty is under attack, now. The world is complex so we do not know exactly how the wheels will turn and there is still plenty of reason to fight--and fight hard. 

But take this Lindsay commentary as a very real worst-case scenario:

People keep asking me how we win this. We don't win. LOL. We throw sand in the gears and wait for the thing to grind itself into its own destruction, hope we don't lose everything in the process, and start rebuilding after the catastrophe ends. Winning has left the building.


·Tyranny is upon us. It may not last long, but it has already begun. The logic is inexorable and, for all intents and purposes now, unstoppable. The Bolshevik revolution was one thing, Hungarian another, Czech another. Those are the kinds of choices we have now.


The intended tyrannical regime is to be effectively global and the same everywhere at once. There is no *place* to run to. There is only how long it lasts, and none last forever. Maybe it's light and only a few months. Maybe it's heavy and a few centuries. Or otherwise.


Advice: Don't go along with the lie for your own part. Cancel anyone who would cancel you or who attempts to before they can achieve it. Empty your organization or institution of these revolutionaries and deal with their temper tantrums like a rock among the waves.


Expose what hypocrisy you can, not to them (for not only won't it affect them, they don't see it as hypocritical in their false morality) but to others so that they might be alerted to it. Help people laugh gently at how ridiculous it is and how silly it is to have fallen for it.


Complain as loudly and in as organized and informed a fashion as you can anywhere you can exert influence, which will mostly be locally. Pressure your state to protect you from the feds. Pressure your representatives to keep the country free. Probably leave Canada.


Do not only question their prescriptions but their assumptions. Example: you HAVE to do some kind of diversity training, even if just to check off the box. No you damn well don't. That's a lie. Don't go along with lies. Cultivate a good company/institutional culture instead.



I can't tell you not to be worried or scared. You absolutely should be, and this will take real courage. I will tell you this: it gets harder the longer you wait. It gets scarier and for more concrete reasons the longer you wait. As it has been forever, it's easier now.




  1. So it's a little like this:

    David B.

  2. I know these people really well. I grew up in Sonoma County surrounded by liberal hippies and they all grew up to be woke SJWs, and then they all moved to Portland. The first time I got in a fight at school, the other guy's dad was in The Grateful Dead. That was the scene up there. My dad was Harry Browne's editor for 30 years, so I discovered libertarianism very young and have been having this argument with these people since the 6th grade.

    Here's libertarians miss: most of them are terrified of each other. They all know that if they don't tow the line, they could be the next one the mob turns on and throws under the bus. They're not all Maoists. Most of them are well-intentioned, very confused people who have been manipulated by the Maoists in their midst into thinking and doing all sorts of crazy things

    At first they get roped in because of all the moral anxieties that have been cultivated in them since grade school. At the hippie private school in Petaluma we were taught about global warming in kindergarten in 1990. Get in kids' heads at that age and the anxiety over the weather will never go away, so in junior high they starting becoming political because it makes them feel like they're doing their honorable duty to deal with a dire problem. If my politics are a product of my virtue, then my opponents must be wicked, so they learn how to hate the people who don't agree with them.

    Then at some point the driving dynamic shifts. Maybe they say the wrong thing and get a little taste of being on the receiving end of all that righteous anger, and they sure don't like that. One day they wake up and their fear of being on the wrong side is because of what it will mean for them, not because of how they feel about capitalism or the environment or patriarchy or whatever. All their friends are in the culture, what would their life be like if they got kicked out. The thought is intolerable and the trap is complete.

    I see most of them as hostages more than enemies, though the enemies among them are particularly vicious. It's the same attitude I have about the dumb schmucks who sign up to become marines and invade Stanistan to defend freedom. Their moral compass points them toward the recruiter, they don't want to be thought of as cowards by their small town full of veterans. They're helpless against the trap they're in. They have to sign up. I think most of those guys want to be honorable warriors who defend their friends and families, but the lunatics at the pentagon know how to warp that into something wicked.

    There is no stopping this train. Get out of it's way and let it jump the rails. These people have no constraining principles and without resistance to push against they turn on each other because deep down most of them are motivated by the inescapable fear of being the one is turned on and thrown under the bus.