Monday, February 15, 2021

Happy Presidents' Day: Here is the Truth About Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to Presidents' Day, that special day, just like all other days, when the state propaganda machine glorifies some of the evilest Americans.

Here is the truth by historian Tom DiLorenzo about Abraham Lincoln that you won't hear from the establishment. 




  1. Honestly this is such a stupid holiday. The idea that we celebrate the office of the presidency is just utterly absurd. They are at best a public servant that sits at the head of the executive branch and at worst a megalomaniacal menace that seeks to exert more control over our lives. Are we celebrating all the presidents or just the prominent ones? You know the ones that exceeded their constitutional powers and created the largest state in the history of the world. Nothing like celebrating a nationalistic top down government with some apple pie and the national anthem on the loudspeaker. I hate this holiday so much. If we are going to have such a thing then it should be changed back to Washington's birthday. At least that would make more sense. I'm sure the left would be apoplectic about it because he was a deplorable slave owner. But Martin Luther King Jr. was a plagiarist and a sexist who allegedly engaged in orgies despite being an ordained minister, and he still gets a holiday.

  2. Lincoln was far and away the worst president to ever to occupy the Fake House! So much evil big government came directly from his efforts. He has ALL the blood of the civil war on his hands!

  3. Lincoln was arguably the worst President we ever had.