Sunday, February 14, 2021

CDC Report On Deaths as a Result of COVID-19 Vaccine

 According to the Center for Disease Control at least 369 people have died so far from taking a COVID-19 vaccine.

They could be using Andrew Cuomo counting methods, so who really knows how many have died. The CDC is certainly not over-stating the number.


(HT Ali Charanek)


  1. That is a shockingly high number very quickly, even when I expected things to go poorly.

    David B.

  2. 369 people died so far. How many have received a Covid vaccine? Without knowing that, 369 deaths doesn't mean too much.

  3. It is not by definition a vaccine. I think that needs to be stated when referring to the shot. It is a mRNA gene therapy treatment. There is no actual live or dead virus in the shot therefore by legal definition it is not a vaccine.
    This entire exercise is a farce at best and manslaughter if as is possible adverse reactions give way to ADE reactions which COULD effectively be death sentences for anyone who took the shots and then is infected with the subsequent virus.
    This is one of the main reasons the pursuit of traditional vaccines for corona viruses has been so difficult and why the mRNA vehicle was pursued. Unfortunately mRNA trial in birds and other animals were even worse. Best case scenario is a vast waste of resources (oh and all that profit for the Pfizer, et al) worst case is a shit ton of people DIE and others are screwed health wise for life.
    When the Nuremberg style trials for all this happens and the criminals who engineered this disaster are brought to justice then perhaps you people might finally understand.
    Virus gonna virus. It took the best part of TWENTY years to get the chicken pox shot and that doesn’t even mean it is forever to the trash bin of history. And you think in less than that a YEAR by some magical “warp speed” nonsense that medical technology can just be advanced overnight?
    You people are staggeringly stupid. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.
    And as RW writes:
    And all this for a virus that 99.97% of the population recover from if they even know they were sick.
    Use your damn heads people

    1. If you made your point without the holier-than-thou, “you people....” routine, perhaps some those “people” would listen to you.

    2. That's why terror works for the power freaks. It petrifies the thinking function and activates the primal fight or flight mindset. This catastrophe is the biggest man made terror event in history.

    3. Pretty much directed at the asinine “369 people died so far. How many have received a Covid vaccine? Without knowing that, 369 deaths doesn't mean too much.“ post.
      None of what I wrote is anything that was not available months ago. It has been written about and discussed ad nauseum. Tone is not the problem. The problem is the audience.

  4. It won't surprise me if it's at least an order of magnitude greater.

    1. the SARS-Cov-2 IFR is 3/10000. the (short-term observed) Vaccine Fatality Rate is 1/40000

      if the VFR is an order of magnitude (10x) greater, it would exceed the IFR of the virus.

    2. So what's your point? Are you arguing that the VFR is driven by the same mechanism as the IFR?

    3. Yes, the short-term observed VFR is 1/40000. My point is that the IFR is over-estimated and the VFR is underestimated.