Monday, February 8, 2021

Bill Gates Calls For New Global Alert System

This guy is super dangerous. He really wants to control the damn world.

The below video is his latest propaganda piece. The globalist agenda he is promoting here under the guise of fighting the "next" pandemic is frightening. 

There are an awful lot of cards he isn't showing.



  1. The free market has spoken. Bill Gates is your new mommy. Don't like it? Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, become a billionaire and then you can influence things.

    1. The merger of state and corporate power is not the free market. It's Fascism.

    2. And yet when tech companies stifle free speech, there are the lolbertarians giving the reply, "If you don't like it, build your own platform." Ask the guys over at Parler how that worked out.

  2. I have a global alert systems for Tyranny. It's flashing red.