Thursday, February 4, 2021

A Comment on Weakening the Enemy


I am afraid that many continue to miss the nuances of tactics.

At the post, BREAKING: AOC Busted, comments like these appeared:

They'll talk about it on Fox News, but the rest of the media landscape will be predictably quiet about the whole thing.


This is going to be like watching the dorks in high-school trying to get the cool kid busted for something. The dorks have the facts, and they actually think that's what matters, because they're dorks. The cool kids won't sweat it for a second, because they're cool.


I mean the woman lies on a routine basis about economics, the market, systemic racism, climate change, etc. Why would categorically lying about this change anything. I can already see the media narrative:

All these comments have one thing in common. There is an underlying theme that bringing up this one AOC lie is not going to turn everyone into a libertarian and that mainstream media is not going to suddenly cover this AOC lie.

Well, who the hell said any of this was going to happen?

The idea is to chip away at the socialists. They do it all the time. Don't forget AOC is demanding that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley resign from the Senate because "They put her life in danger." 

She is not stopping with this one attack and you don't see other lefties condemning her because it "won't work." It is a steady barrage at the headline level. 

Pointing out that AOC lied about and distorted the threat against her during the storming of the Capitol should be blasted out by every means of communication we have. It is a very easy concept for the limited absorber of news to understand. It won't convert everyone, it is just a chipping away.

Under the current situation, a rain of truth about liberty must be launched across the land. And every mistake made by haters of liberty should be used against them.

There is no grand stroke that can be made that is going to cause liberty to miraculously come sweeping down. If you believe there is, you are going to be terribly disappointed. You might as well just roll up in a ball now and die.

Otherwise, get in the game even at a local level among friends.

AOC is really reeling from this lie of hers being called out. The below was just emailed out to her list. She wouldn't have put this out if she wasn't concerned. The exposure of her lie weakens her at the margin and she knows it.

I feel your pain AOC.



  1. You are 100% spot on. AOC is particularly dangerous and she is eyeing Chuck Schumer's Senate seat. From there it's a short hop to a presidential candidacy in 12 or 16 years.

    She is easily the most charismatic progressive / socialist and has a particularly large following among millennials and zoomers. Her livestreams on Twitch attract nearly 100k live viewers. There isn't anyone on the left with her energy and appeal to the clueless youth and so any small chip at her goes a long way.

    Nobody's going to be knocking on doors to get Rashida Tlaib elected but AOC is charismatic in a way that makes it extremely important to chip away at her carefully curated public image.

    She is perhaps the one and only leftist politician who is vulnerable to claims of hypocrisy. Yes, it is tired to accuse Nancy Pelosi of hypocrisy but she is quite open about it. AOC is not and this is a major, major weak point. Great analysis Robert.

    1. Step #1: Don’t use Big Brother’s newspeak. Her name is Sandy from Westchester not “AOC”.
      You’re never going to defeat the Secret Poilce if you call them the “Intelligence Community”.
      If you call anti-social behavior “social distancing”, it will never stop.

    2. This is some of the best advice here. Break the lexicon.

  2. Yes, we should definitely listen to libertarians when we need advice on good tactics. Just look at all their successes so far...

    1. Ha it's true. It's generally difficult to organize a bunch of people who can take care of themselves and generally just want to be left alone.

  3. I agree that we need to point out lies/distortions at every level. Maybe I am wrong on this, and this can be used as a gateway to call out her mendacity on other topics. I was focused on characters like Trump who despite being called out for lies on a routine basis didn't seem to shake his support drastically. After all he increased his support in the vote by over 11 million vs 2016. Trump lost though because Biden got 16 million more votes than Trump vs Clinton. The Democrats won not because they were able to push Trump supporters away, but by bringing more people into the fold by constantly pointing to Trump as a liar, threat, and aberration. I failed to recognize this in your initial post and that's why this followup is fantastic by pointing out the shortcomings of my initial comment. While we want to convince as many people as possible it isn't about convincing the diehards who actively follow her and get their news from exclusively left wing outlets. It's about the people who follow these ideas on a superficial level or don't even know about her.

    I completely agree with your calls to get involved on the local level. This is the key to radically shifting focus from Washington D.C. nationalism back to something approaching a more decentralized federalism. The Republican and Democratic party are problems as each believe that there should be a centralized top down approach to policy.There is too much focus on the national stage, and getting the "right" people into positions of power in Washington. This was a big part of the argument in favor of Trump. He was going to come in and "drain the swamp" which was either incredibly naive or an outright lie. It harkened back to Reagan's claims of getting the government off our back which was just another lie. My hope is that with Trump's utter failure to do anything with limiting the federal government maybe that will turn people to be more active in their local communities. The prospect of Trump 2024 kind of dampens that hope. Still if the right and libertarians at large want to be serious about this, then we have to stop putting all our focus on national politics. We need to elect people to our communities that despise the top down approach of Washington. Who believe Congress has been derelict in its duty by giving more control to the executive and judicial branches over all our lives. At that point we can start using tactics like nullification and restoring ideas like the 10th amendment. Would it be perfect? Absolutely not, but it would be a hell of a lot more liberty oriented than what we are currently living under. Perhaps all it takes to get the ball rolling is to find just a few more people at a time who walk away from people like Cortez when their utter lies and hypocrisy become too much to bear. I suppose that's the beauty of tactics ultimately. There are many different roads to reaching the same goal.

    1. Two words unfortunately negate your well put cogent points:

      The Idiocracy. .. Sorry

  4. I think what's most telling about this has been AOC's response, which demonstrates how skilled she is as an operative and trained marxist. Rather than back down or side step, she has doubled down and went on the offensive.

    She's taking this as an example illustrating the point she was making about how it's difficult for survivors of trauma to speak out for fear of not being believed. And also weaponizing big tech censorship through her followers to paint all those speaking against her as spreading disinformation.

    It's astounding, it's dishonest, and it absolutely works. Lenin would be proud.

  5. AOC is a hypocritical floozy and it's time she was taken out with the trash. She wasn't even in the Capitol when the vandals and the water buffalo buffoon broke in. End of story.
    Again DJT whatever his faults and they are many, is basically a stick in the eye to Political Correctness, the speech code for socialism, i.e. both fascism and communism.
    IOW he's agin it, she's all for it.
    It's not hard to choose between the two.

  6. We never know when our message will land on fertile soil and take root. We never know whether the next person we spread our message to has just had their red pill moment and now sees the world for what it really is and not what they want it to be. We never know if the next person is at an inflection point wrestling with a bomb in the brain and if one more message about liberty will cause them to have an epiphany and convert to the NAP. My red pill moment came in February 2007 when my brother was shot in Iraq and left a quadriplegic. The Republicans (Godfather, Wallbanger, etc.) were saying if you criticize the war, you're giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and you're committing treason. Democrats were blathering on about how "Bush Lied, People Died" for political gain. Meanwhile my brother sacrificed his health fighting for the Empire in a place most people cannot find and even less people give a shit about. I realized it was all bullshit and the sacrifice was for nothing. I found Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and later Wenzel. Don't know about y'all, but for me, the point of this site and EPJ is not to be a source of libertarian porn, to serve as an echo chamber where I can bemoan the fate of liberty, or to join other liberty-minded people in acting defeatist and being fatalistic. It is to grow my liberty muscle by obtaining information and tactics that can be used to move people toward liberty. Target: Liberty.