Friday, January 8, 2021

YouTube Bans Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon

 Socialist Valley continues its aggressive canceling of the right-wing.

YouTube has banned Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast for allegedly violating its terms of service.

The canceling  will not stop any time soon and will, of course, include the government taking action against the right.



  1. What the Hell is "a dangerous or illegal act intended to coerce a population or influence a government"---? I guess just about anything they want it to be. In law school we learned this statutory wording would be unconstitutional by dint of being "vague." But obviously the sanity and rationality of yore is not here today in terms of quality or quantity. The rules have changed in so many ways, in the past 4 years, the past year, the past few weeks...even the past 24 hours, with the social-media purges, and the public (well, assuming the MSM is the true voice and barometer of "the public) condemnation and excoriation of entire groups of people based on stereotypes or the bad acts of just a few or outright fabrications.

    I'm starting to come down with either a case of paranoia or far-seeing prescience, but the lights seem to be going out and dark, hard times are looming. They (the take-no-prisoners Left) have us by the short hairs, and can cripple or eradicate our ability to receive and share news---the lifeblood of a healthy, sound society positioned to preserve liberty and safeguard against totalitarianism---on any whim or pretext. The old-fashioned means of getting the word out, or whipping-up outrage over government abuses, or of coordinating resistance, no longer exist for all intents and purposes: Printing presses, land-line telephones, even the town square and brick-and-mortar stores where local communities shared information...all relics of the past. We're all so alarmingly reliant on ephemeral Digital, which is so ably, directly and broadly controlled by the arch-enemies of liberty: the Leftists, Marxists, and Progressives.

    So I’ll pass on the 3D gun printer...I'm shopping around the black market for a printing press, because the country is going to need a lot of Sophie Scholls in the future.

    1. USENET could make a comeback. USENET is the decentralized system used for internet discussions and debate before the web and the public at large found the internet. It was destroyed by spammers because its decentralized nature made fighting spam difficult. It's still around but it's a shadow of what it was in the old days.

      USENET works through group hierarchies and individually owned and operated servers that carry them. People would connect to their local news server to read and post. Of course with todays network speeds one could use a server anywhere in the world.

      Because of this system USENET is impossible to censor beyond one server at a time and since different people own the servers what one may not carry another will.

  2. Soon we'll be reduced to passing pamphlets and handbills as in days of yore

  3. After four years of Trump ostensibly Draining the Swamp, the Swamp is more powerful than ever.