Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Why is There No QAnon on the Left?


I only have a vague familiarity with QAnon. It apparently promotes some far-out theories that President Trump is still in charge or that Joe Biden is now "part of the plan" to make things right in America.

But one has to ask, why hasn't a QAnon of the Left emerged?

The answer to me is simple. While no major Republican congressional leaders appear to pay any attention to QAnon, Democratic leaders are at the forefront of promoting absurd conspiracy theories.

From Russiagate to Ukrainegate to the absurd idea that the goofy storming of the Capitol was an insurgency, it is all promoted by Democratic leadership. From Nancy Pelosi to Chuck Schumer. their madness is surely parallel to that of Qanon.

Pelosi led a Democratic impeachment of former President Trump when he had just days left in office and Chuch Schumer is pushing for a conviction of Trump in the Senate even though he is out of office. How nutty can you get? It sounds Qanon like to me.

The Democratic Party is the Qanon of the left. 

But I would wager, the followers of the Democratic Party conspiracy theories are much greater in size than the QAnon leaders could ever imagine developing in terms of followers.

It is difficult to spot the lunacy of the left as a mirror image of QAnon because there are so many of them and mainstream media is in on the madness.



  1. Lewrockwell.com linked to an article discussing the possibility that Qanon was a FBI Phsyop. That makes more sense to me. So Q is either wishfull thinking on of a few on the right or an FBI phsyop while the wacky conspiracy theories of the left were/are a coordinated effort with the media to remove Trump and gain power.

    1. Definitely a psyop to undermine the people that point out all of the real unfair conspiracies. Cass sunstein had writings on why he thought it was necessary to infiltrate those groups back in 2008. I look at it as another version of damage control for the powers that shouldn't be. It is now an easy way to discredit anyone who questions anything - the same way the term conspiracy theorist was weaponized

  2. The (fraudulent) election of Joe Biden proves once and for all that Q is and always was a total fraud.

  3. Tin foil hat theories I have heard recently:

    stops the spread of covid.

    Let's see, what's it today....


    Haha, yep. Ok then.

    David B.

  4. I don't know much about QAnon, but I do know that the tragedy of Satanic Ritual Abuse is a thing, and it continues, and it's horrible, and I don't know why the entire world is not in an uproar about it. What 3-year-old children and younger are subjected to under SRA will make you lose your lunch and what you had for dinner last night as well. If QAnon is helping to resolve this, then more power to them.

  5. I still can't get a handle on what QAnon is. Is it the pyramid eye staring at us on our paper money? Once I get up to speed on this, I'll figure-out what this "elf on a shelf" buzz is about.

  6. One example of the Qanon Left was their idea that Trump would not leave the White House and that he'd have to be escorted out as a trespasser.

  7. The Russia-gate conspiracy theories was the "Q" for the Left.