Saturday, January 30, 2021

Well, Scratch Canada Off Your "Escape From Lockdown Tyranny" List

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday morning that all returning travelers into the country must go to a government isolation center where  COVID-19 test will be administered. If a passenger tests negative, they will be allowed to return home for a strictly-enforced quarantine of 11 days. Those testing positive will be taken to another government facility for a 14-day quarantine, reports The Western Standard.

Trudeau said it will cost each traveler about $2,000 for the cost of the test, accommodations and food.

But this happened hours before Trudeau even announced the tyrannical measures. From the Standard:

The new rules weren’t even announced yet Thursday night, but it appears officials at YYC were ready.

“(My wife Nikki) arrived in Calgary tonight and when she got there she was greeted by a Police Officer and an AHS official,” wrote Pastor Chris Mathis on his Facebook page.

“They rejected her results and told her she needed to go immediately to an isolation facility. She was told if she resisted she would be arrested. She called me, and I immediately asked to talk with the officer. I talked with both a police officer and the AHS official, they reiterated what she had said to me. I asked for the address of where she would be, they said they could not give me the location address as it was confidential.

“I asked for their names, again they would not give me any information or their names. I pushed, I questioned, I tried to fight but they said they would arrest her if she resisted. They would not give me any information on where they were taking my wife.

“She was not allowed to get her vehicle from the airport, she was immediately put in a white van surrounded by police escorts and taken to an unknown facility that is under full surveillance and has security at every entrance and exit. You can imagine I am barely keeping myself together wondering what in the world has happened in our country in what seems to be overnight.”

The world has gone mad.



  1. Well theres only 1 thing we can do to stop this from coming to our shores...and thats vote in '24. I'm yearning like you mr. Wenzel for rand to win. We better sit tight and wait for our proper turn to vote to fix the system. Rand is emerging!

    1. What does "fix" mean? The Yanks fixed their system and now have more troops occupying DC than those occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.

    2. I’m sorry but did you miss Nov 3, 2020 and the subsequent weeks? Do you really think VOTING is going to “fix” this problem? The sitting President got several MILLION more votes than any previous candidate and yet still somehow”lost”. Might want to check that math against voter turnout numbers, voter rolls, etc. Nearly impossible to have happened. Simply not enough people to have cast those votes and the supposed 81 million for a senile, life long politician WHO DID NOT CAMPAIGN at all.
      Use your head buddy.

    3. Have they put out any policy info on what happens if youre in one of these concentrating on covid camps during a vote? Will they have a polling place inside? Cause if I miss my chance to change the world in '24 I'll be so p'd off having to wait another 4

    4. You are either a state agent, a useful idiot or a troll for even pretending that voting will change anything. So, which is it?

  2. Australia and New Zealand do the same thing. These despicable Xi-wannabees are everywhere. Luckily they're all white, European countries with "western values"...

  3. I've been asking covidiots:

    What would happen if we tested for influenza the same way we have been testing for C-19?

    If any flu or corona virus were tested for, reported on and reacted to by the-powers-that-should-not-be in the manner that C-19 has been, what would be the outcome?

    1. Right, I have thought the same thing. When someone talks about how high the "cases" are, (leaving aside the issues with PCR tests) I say "Compared with what?"

  4. This truly makes me sad. But I know that many people will support it. And those people will also hold the conflicting belief that they would stand up to a nazi if they ever had the chance.

    Well what better way to show you oppose nazism than by supporting secret detention!

    David B.

  5. I first read Animal Farm by Orwell when I was a young adult. I felt sorry for people living under totalitarian regimes. I read the same book again with my son recently.....and now I see more similarities to circumstances in our society.