Monday, January 11, 2021

Video Emerges of the Rioter Throwing Fire Extinguisher: Who is This Guy?

A member of the Capitol Police was killed during the protest last Wednesday. He was hit by a fire extinguisher.

It is not clear if the below video shows the incident where the officer was killed but it was an aggressive move.

Here is the thing. The guy throwing the extinguisher is carrying a backpack.

This is a mark of organized protestors.

I have seen plenty of protests in San Francisco and Oakland to know to watch out for the guys carrying backpacks. Out here they are lefty anarchists. 

Most people don't carry backpacks to protests. The guys with backpacks are generally much more organized and looking for trouble.

I don't know who the guy is but he fits the profile of someone coming from a radical group that wants to create violent mayhem.




  1. According to ABC News, it's not clear that the officer died from injuries or that he was attacked at all. They reportthat "According to sources familiar with the matter, authorities believe Sicknick's death was driven by a medical condition. They're also investigating reports that he was attacked with a fire extinguisher or another item at the Capitol, sources said. So far, reports of an attack haven't been confirmed and authorities are hoping to locate video or other imagery from the scene."

  2. I don’t mean to be rude, but I laughed out loud when I read “Sick Nick’s death was driven by a medical condition.”

  3. This is dumb. I've worn backpacks to protests. Lots of people do. Waterbottles, snacks, flashlights, extra layers, first aid.... all useful at a protest and all fit nicely into a backpack.

  4. UTTER NONSENSE. I feel like this is just another democrat snow job...God they must think Americans are mindless. They probably saw this video and hired a "heavy" to make sure this particular cop died. We need to cancel our cable subscriptions, ignore the mainstream media and watch Newsmax instead. They give the whole story...not just bits and pieces accompanied with opinions and diatribe.