Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Problem With Soccer Moms

In a new essay, Do Black Lives Matter in the White Elite’s Civil War?, Paul Gottfried nails it:

Many white voters seem delighted to have this dirt thrown at them and to have their children coming home and reciting the antiwhite hate-speech they picked up courtesy of the teachers’ unions. 

I am not denying others are complicit in this continuing outrage, like woke capitalists, government bureaucrats, black race hustlers, and media ideologues. But let’s not forget the predominantly white electorate in this country, especially the self-important soccer moms, who seemed pleased with the new order. These people do have political choices and they make disastrous ones. It is not wayward elites who are abusing our democratic public, so much as the public abusing itself, when it chooses to be ruled by antiwhite racists...

[T]here is a white civil war going on, in which racial minorities and, in Europe, Muslims play an ancillary role. Upwardly mobile urban whites hate other whites living in what until recently were traditional, religiously influenced communities. The anti-white, anti-Christian torrents of abuse coming from these elites and would-be elites are never aimed at themselves. Rather they are intended for those other whites whom they despise and want to see degraded...

[T]here is another side to this cancel culture...It is a weapon in a civil war that some whites are wielding against other ones. The elites and their followers are just punishing those they hate. They obviously don’t see they are wreaking havoc on themselves.



  1. For most people politics is little more than a fashion statement.

  2. I theorize or believe that much of this self-hate by whites is due to their loss of belief in God or a higher power. They have to fill this hole with something and it's been filled with the virtue of saving the planet from climate change and oppression by straight white western civilization Christians. I may be wrong, because I've since learned some Christian friends support Biden, BLM, Socialism, and were terribly upset Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate accord and that he pulled troops out of Syria. Perhaps it's simply the sheep being misled by the lying media...

    1. I think some believe they are inherently racist because they’re white and this is their way of repenting and assuaging their guilt.

    2. And we all know war is great for the climate.
      Desert bunny I think is right, for a lot of people. I’ve had a family member tell me all about how my kids had white privilege. I was pretty surprised from whom it came from, but she has changed her tune a bit since she and my wife’s brother have had kids. Funny that.

    3. I think many on the Left view the hard-fought social struggles and changes of the recent past (especially the 50s and 60s) with nostalgia, and themselves yearn to be a part of "something big" and "a movement for change." They see history and social improvement as linear---as always progressing and improving---if only enough social agitation and government coercion are applied. They want to matter and count, as did those participating in the Civil Rights struggles...and as they romanticize that the counterculture hippies did in the 60s and 70s.
      So, they clutch at whatever social "emergencies" and defects are presented to them, and hope to be in the public school history books some day, as having been a "force for change."