Sunday, January 31, 2021

The GameStop Short Squeeze: What is Really Going on?

 The latest episode of "This Week in Economics with Robert Wenzel" is out.

In this episode, I discuss the GameStop short squeeze and the curious weak resumes of President Biden's economic advisors.

The podcast version is here.  


YouTube version coming.

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  1. Finally found it. Was searching all over. And I can't believe you're broadcasting at 4:00 a.m. PST.

  2. I got eight new episodes all at once today, including this latest. Was that intentional or did my Apple store feed just get updated somehow?

  3. So even if the reddit traders hold their shares forever (as they are encouraging each other to do) it will only work until GameStop holds a second offering?

    The original short sellers have been squeezed and lost money, now new short sellers will short the stock based off these overvaluations assuming the redditors will sell. What happens if the redditors hold to eternity as they plan? Gamestop would eventually just hold a second offering? What happens then?

    You seem to be mistaken about what the redditors think they are doing. They may be wrong, but you're not critiquing their actual strategy. Have you even read the comments to the posts on r/wallstreetbets?