Sunday, January 10, 2021

EMERGENCY ALERT: Target Liberty vs. Socialist Valley

This is what I wrote in 2018. Obviously, the situation has gotten much worse.

Readers of my EPJ Daily Alert know I like to think about possible different down-the-road future financial and economic scenarios and prepare for them in advance.

It's part of my personality.

The current attack on Alex Jones is triggering my ALERT genes.

The attack on Jones is severe. See:

They Are Nuking Alex Jones: Now MailChimp Bans Alex Jones


The Banning of Alex Jones: It's Complicated.

What really troubles me is that during this attack, Twitter suspensions of Daniel McAdams and Scott Horton occurred and the permanent banning by Twitter of the 24 year State Department employee Peter Van Buren occurred.

This suggests the takedown operation, over time, could go well beyond Jones and there could be little time to react when a takedown is directed at a given player.

I am not waiting around. I am preparing now.

I have set up different methods to contact my readers if things get really bad.

Please email to me at, your email address and your postal address.

I will not use this contact information for any reason other than if I need to contact you and alert you as to how you can find the continuation of my Economic Policy Journal and Target Liberty reporting.

At this point, I have faced only minor harassment. For example, this YouTube video, which was a discussion with Karen DeCoster, was demonetized for some reason. I have no idea what could have been offensive about a video that was an optimistic discussion about Detroit.

Most recently, this post was demonetized last Tuesday, no Goog ads appear: The Problem With Soccer Moms.

So who knows what is next.

I have set up a 

Gab account: @Wenzel

and a 

Parler account: @wenzeleconomics

So please follow me at these two locations, in case they become my only means of contacting you.

And please email to me at, your email address and your postal address. I will not use this information for any purpose other than to contact you if my primary contact methods have been canceled. 



  1. Hopefully you get the full Daily Stormer treatment where you lose your websites and email server access. Because private property. Build your own internet.

    1. I fail to see how calling for "government regulation" would help those who are being banned. The bureaucracy is mostly anti-free speech, and the incoming administration is definitely anti-free speech. Putting your eggs in the government basket is lunacy. The government is not your friend and has its own interests.

  2. Open up a MeWe account too. A lot of my not so political Facebook friends have joined there in the last 2 months, as well as Tom Woods with his private group.

    I'm really curious how far this will go and if/how a "build your own internet" would be possible.