Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sheldon Adelson Has Died

Sheldon Adelson

Billionaire Republican big bucks donor, casino magnate and hardcore Zionist Sheldon Adelson has died.

He was 87.

He controlled the Las Vegas Sands and also owned the Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom and weekly newspaper Makor Rishon, in addition to the Nevada-based Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Adelson had donated more than $250 million to Republican candidates and super PACs since 2015, according to AP.



  1. Wow, that photo makes him look like Gollum

  2. Which warmonger will GOP candidates turn to now?

  3. Another POS will fall right in line I am sure.
    None to soon for this guy to go.

  4. Good riddance to a long standing swamp monster. No RIP for you pos!!