Monday, January 18, 2021

REPORT: Trump Will Issue Only 100 Pardons on His Final Day In Office

President Trump is preparing to issue around 100 pardons and commutations on his final full day in office Tuesday, CNN is reporting.

According to CNN, among those to be pardoned and commutated Tuesday are “white collar criminals, high-profile rappers and others.”

And thus Trump completes one final stab at his supporters. There are many more than 100 that deserve a pardon or commutation.

Trump has done little to advance freedom or return freedom to those the state as focused on with criminal charges (other than those close to him).

Notes CNN, Julian Assange is not currently believed to among the people receiving pardons, but the list is still fluid and that could change.

Obama issued far more commutations than it appears Trump will.

Trump has no appreciation for liberty. He is not anti-state.

He is simply a statist with a different agenda.


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