Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Pfizer Hires An Immigrant, Woman of Color As Its New Chief Medical Officer


Aida Habtezion

Aida Habtezion, MD, MSc, associate professor of medicine (gastroenterology and hepatology), will be taking a leave of absence from Stanford to join Pfizer as their new Chief Medical Officer and head of Worldwide Medical and Safety within Worldwide Research, Development, and Medicine.

She was born in Eritrea. Does she have superior medical research skills? Who the hell knows? 

She sure looks like a perfect identity hire for a very high profile position in a very political company: Female, immigrant and reddish-dark brown in skin tone.

It is a terrible thing but with social justice warrior demands, to hire based on certain identity characteristics, being met by most of corporate America, the thought of every reality-based person is to wonder if a hire, that checks off a lot of identity boxes, was hired for that reason over a person more talented who did not check off as many identity boxes.

Habtezion may be the next Marie Curie or may be very far from her other than in terms of gender.



  1. A professor would ordinarily have approximately zero product development and product safety experience.

  2. A Master's is not a terminal degree; you don't get to put it after your name.