Sunday, January 10, 2021

Parler CEO Says Company Having Extreme Difficulty Finding Alternative Servers

 The lefty crackdown continues.

Parler has even lost its lawyers.



  1. I am curious as to what is stopping a political party from launching a social media site that is expressly political? Could it still be banned? How would that work from a legal perspective?

    David B.

    1. No one will host the domain. The next step will be for conservatives to try and purchase a top level domain and then ICANN will probably start to ban.

    2. They can aleays get a domain name from non-US registry. Like, in .ru -- US govt will have really hard time banning that.

  2. They could attempt getting their own backbone connection or whatever the modern term is these days. Then we'll really see how well the "private corporation" excuse works. Hint: this is the domain of the telecoms that are granted use of utility easements and so on by governments.

    I suppose we can dig out our modems and use FIDONET (if it's still around). Until they start canceling the POTS of wrongthink individuals.

  3. Where are those fearless, selfless, progressive "trustbusters" that we all learned about in history class? What was good enough medicine for Andrew Mellon should be good enough for Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

  4. Parler was junk from the beginning as Vox Day pointed out.