Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Joe Biden as Mad Social Justice Warrior

Does Senile Joe even know what he is saying when the teleprompter is put in front of him?

Or is he really a mad social justice warrior?

This was Joe on Tuesday talking about racial equity:

Does he even know what racial equity is and that it is an extreme radical social justice warrior tenet?

In Critical Social Justice, the meaning of “equity” takes pains to distinguish itself from that of “equality.” Where equality means that citizen A and citizen B are treated equally, equity means “adjusting shares in order to make citizens A and B equal.” 

To provide an example. This would actually fit racial equity theory. During a baseball game, if an umpire calls the balls and strikes the same for all players that would be considered "equality under the law." This, however, would not be enough for social justice warriors. SJWs want racial equity.

Racial equity would mean that because say a black player getting paid a hundred million dollars per year had ancestors that were slaves he would be considered at a disadvantage because of his ancestral history, and so to adjust and provide "racial equity," the player would say be allowed 10 strikes instead of 3, or maybe not have fastballs pitched to him but have the ball lobbed to him.

The racial equity concept makes a mockery of life, the idea that everyone can be made equal is absurd. 

Further, it truly hurts the black people who can achieve greatness on their own and don't need the power-hungry race hustling social justice warriors to provide them crutches for every step of their journey.

The concept of racial equity is the ultimate idea that talented, hard-working blacks can't achieve greatness on their own in modern America and that they need to be treated as babies who can barely walk.

This is what the handlers of Senile Joe want to introduce into America: That blacks are incompetent on their own. Totally evil! 



  1. These racial preferences also create unhealthy suspicion among those who interact with favored races. For instance, would you prefer to use a doctor of a race that benefits from affirmative action or a doctor of a race that gets the raw end of the affirmative-action "stick"? In the case of the former, it would be rational (even if not correct in a specific instance) to suspect that this doctor is less competent and only got through the medical-training regimen based on affirmative action.

    1. Exactly. When I was growing up, I was taught that assuming someone was less competent solely because of their race was racist. Now the SJWs are trying to create a whole system based on this assumption, so they are actually advancing systemic racism.

  2. Was this the earlobe attached or unattached Joe?

  3. Within groups individuals are not equal. Will the next Progressive progression be for equity laws that try to provide equity within groups?

    How will these SJW bring equity between individual or even between groups in the case of something like proficiency in something like mathematics or art or any skill/talent that is subjective?

  4. Side note: What do private detention facilities have to do with racial equity incarceration reform? This EO is just a payoff to the prison guards' union.