Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Is It Selfish to Not Wear a Mask?

 Another day on the streets of San Francisco and another confrontation with a mask Nazi.

I was walking in the financial district, again, without a mask. A man standing to the side said to me as I passed by in a meek voice, "Don't be selfish, put on a mask."

I stopped.

My reply, "So you think I am selfish because I am not wearing a mask?"

"Yes," the meek voice replied.

My response, "You know, I just don't fear a virus that does not pose a serious threat to 99.9% of the population. And I really don't like you promoting the idea that the virus should be feared by the general population and harassing people who are not interested in your mindless coprolite.

"Your support of tyrannical government mask-wearing, lockdowns, etc. has resulted in an explosion of suicides and who knows how many people in serious mental depression.

"Your fear of a virus that, again, is not of serious consequences to most is resulting in the deaths of untold youth. Your support of such measures strikes me as selfish and you have those deaths on your soul, not me."

"I'm sorry," he said in an apologetic manner and walked away with his head down.

BTW here is some of the data on the explosion in suicides.

The New York Times reported on Sunday in a story that carried the headline, "Surge of Student Suicides Pushes Las Vegas Schools to Reopen":

The reminders of pandemic-driven suffering among students in Clark County, Nev., have come in droves.

Since schools shut their doors in March, an early-warning system that monitors students’ mental health episodes has sent more than 3,100 alerts to district officials, raising alarms about suicidal thoughts, possible self-harm or cries for care. By December, 18 students had taken their own lives.

The spate of student suicides in and around Las Vegas has pushed the Clark County district, the nation’s fifth largest, toward bringing students back as quickly as possible...

“When we started to see the uptick in children taking their lives, we knew it wasn’t just the Covid numbers we need to look at anymore,” said Jesus Jara, the Clark County superintendent. “We have to find a way to put our hands on our kids, to see them, to look at them. They’ve got to start seeing some movement, some hope.”... 

Greta Massetti, who studies the effects of violence and trauma on children at the C.D.C., said there was “definitely reason to be concerned because it makes conceptual sense.”

@AlexBerenson tweets:

1/ Meantime, overdose death figures are coming in for 2020. They are horrific. Maricopa County (Phoenix), had at least 700 more deaths in 2020 than 2019, with 550 more to be investigated. That’s ONE (large) county. Cook County (Chicago) also expects deaths to rise at least 750...

2/ San Francisco reports 699 overdose deaths - a rise of ~60%, and nearly one death for each 1,000 residents.

It is now obvious that the rise in overdose deaths (not the total number, just the rise) in the US will # outstrip the overall #Covid death toll in people under 50...

3/ That comparison takes no account of OTHER lockdown deaths - Or the fact that #Covid deaths are substantially overcounted in people under 50 (I have lots of examples, and the death certificate matching practically guarantees it).


Any government official who has ordered lockdowns and those who encouraged them (Psychopath Fauci, Boozer Birx) should be tried for crimes against humanity.

It is not as though the suicides couldn't have been foreseen. In March of last year, I warned about it in a post titled, Suicide Attempts Could Increase By 58,500 Per Month During the Lockdown:

[W]e have enormous swaths of individuals on lockdown inside their homes and apartments without having in-person contact with others. This certainly is not good for those on the stress edge. Tragically, Emily Owen, a 19-year-old, is one of the first to be confirmed dead because of a suicide attempt related to the lockdown.

It could be argued that this period may be more stressful than during the period of the 1929 stock market crash.

Two days later, I wrote:

Emily Owen

I can't imagine the emotional turmoil a person must be going through who chooses to commit suicide in the face of the lockdown.

The British teen Emily Owen, who committed suicide because of the lockdown in England, was diagnosed with “high-functioning autism.” She was probably struggling all her life with trying to fit in, and might have been well on the road to better understanding herself in relation to others when the bastard Boris Johnson shutdown all her relationships.

I put her death directly on the shoulders of Johnson. It wouldn't have happened in a libertarian world. There will be others.

The next day, I posted this: Knoxville, TN Has Seen 10% of Its Annual Suicide Rate in Just the Last 48 Hours:

“That number is completely shocking and makes me wonder if what we are doing now is really the best approach,” Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs said. “We have to determine how we can respond to COVID-19 in a way that keeps our economy intact, keeps people employed and empowers them with a feeling of hope and optimism – not desperation and despair.”

These posts are nearly a year old, the developing trend was obvious back then. The mini-Mao tyrants and midget-Mao enforcers have death on their hands of societies most vulnerable.

It is not selfish to go without a mask, it is a heroic middle finger to the state. A state where its members for bizarre reasons want to treat all non-state humans as cattle, while they party it up.

Gov. Newsom during the lockdowns and mask mandates.

Not wearing a mask is a signal of support to those who sense evil is in the air but don't have the courage to walk free in defiance of the state and its supporters. 



  1. Exactly, every week I make eye contact with someone wearing a mask, they see my face, then the next time I pass them a nose is now exposed or their whole face. It gives others permission.

  2. Going maskless into a public business is like being able to fly when no one else can. It's so liberating, so empowering. I can't believe such a small, silly act can make such a difference, but it does. I also wear a medical ID bracelet that I special-ordered off Amazon, just in case someone challenges me and I need to point to the bracelet and blurt-out "medical exception!" If I'm challenged further, I have a print-out of the Michigan Dpt. of Health and Human Services raft of regulations at the ready, with "Exceptions" clearly high-lighted, and the particular exception "Unable to medically tolerate wearing a mask" clearly marked. I haven't been challenged yet, although I only just started it a few weeks ago, and I don't leave the house a lot.
    And when I see another person without a mask, we share a knowing look, and silently acknowledge a fellow freedom-fighter...

  3. Haha nicely done, RW. I've had those conversations in my head, where I imagine laying that guilt on a maskhole, but I don't do it. I am not convinced spreading such energy is a good idea. I know you disagree.

    I had a fun encounter this morning as well. I had to drop my car off for service and I uber'd home. Uber requires you now to click a box that you will wear a mask in the car, otherwise they won't find you a ride. Sure, pal. I will click and still do whatever I want.

    So the driver approaches, late 50s white lady. She puts her mask on and signals I should do the same. I always carry one in my pocket for this reason (the car dealership had not asked me to put one on, though they did 6 months ago when I came in.) I have a coffee with me and will sip it regularly and keep the mask under my nose otherwise, if it's a true maskopath.

    So i put the mask on as I am getting in and I ask, "are you one of those folks that thinks masks work or are you just following policy." Well what followed next made my day. She launched into an anti-covid, anti-lockdown, anti-mask tirade. It's all a socialist takeover to kill small businesses. On and on. But why wear the mask, I ask? She has to or she could lose her job. So we talked about where you can and can't get away with it. I told her how I had fought so my daughter doesn't have to wear a mask at school. By the end of the ride she promised me she would try going into the grocery stores and Walmarts without them and see if anyone says anything to her.

    One interesting thing she said was that she was convinced this whole thing would be over soon. I tried to get her to explain why, but she just knows it.

    It seems for some people they comply even though they hate it all, because they think it's going to pass and we will go back to the way before covid. I don't believe that's true. I honestly don't see us ever going back.

    Warm regards,
    David B.

    1. Fauci said in August 2020 “that we have entered a pandemic era.”

  4. I'm going maskless with the idea that I will put on a mask if asked. I've been doing this for about a month now, and only once have I been asked to put on a mask at a restaurant to walk to my table. My plan is to comply, but only after makiing them ask. They should, at the bare minimum, have to go through the uncomfortable feelings that come from confronting someone.

    1. You're lucky. On my tax farm, compliance and sideways enforcement is virtually complete.

  5. I honesty thought that once Trump was out of office that Covid would become a non issue.

    1. There's still tons of COVID money to be appropriated.

    2. This is just scratching the surface:







  6. Part of RW’s response is what I have been trying to do.

    Pointing out that the real killer is the unscientific, unethical, anti-social new abnormal is important. Those that have been getting their info from corporate media are not aware of this and most of them have been reacting with emotions. Letting them know that if they continue to advocate for the new abnormal they are responsible for the death and destruction it causes and that the new abnormal is causing more death and destruction than C-19 can touch their emotional nerve.

    Is it selfish not to wear a mask? If masking helps the masked avoid SC-2, it is the exact opposite.

    Those of us that are healthy, that are not masked are the superheroes. The ones helping to bring us to herd immunity quicker than the masked and anti-social distanced. We are the ones that haven’t let the propaganda scare us, who will risk our personal health, while risking no others health. If we are exposed to SC-2 we will build immunity to it and likely not even know we had it. If we do get C-19 we are healthy so our risk of serious illness is almost zero. And because we are informed we know there are effective protocols to take for C-19.

    1. Your mask doesn't work unless I am wearing a mask, comrade?
      (Ditto vaccine, seat belt)
      Maybe something is wrong with your mask.
      End of story.

  7. I have noticed an anti-social phenomena since C-19 hit that has become worse since the fall uptick in cases. When out on trails, you know, out in the open with fresh air and hardly anyone around, not only are there a surprising number of people that are masked all of the time but, there are a lot of chin maskers that pull their chin mask over their nose when they see others. Some even try to anti-social distance when there is nowhere to go but into the brush and bushes. I wonder if they think that a bite from a rattle snake is less dangerous than a person running up a hill. Make no mistake, on most trails we pass many snakes we do not see or hear. On the trail you are very unlikely to get bitten but if you back up into the bush where they are lurking you will be lucky if all you get is frightened by their rattling.

    While eating lunch on a bench along a trial with my girlfriend we had two strange encounters. First a young masked woman walking up the trail came to a dead stop when she saw us. She just stood there. After a few seconds I said hi to her and commented on what a nice view we had. This seemed to break her out of her anti-social trance and she asked where the trail leads to. After I let her know she was brave enough to scamper by.

    Then an unmasked young woman who was walking her dog down the trail felt it necessary to pull her open jacket over her nose when she went by hurriedly with no other acknowledgement of our presence.

    This covidiocracy accounts for about 40% of those I encounter. This is a slight uptick from the summer and way to many.