Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Good Riddance, Donald Trump

Well, it is over.

Four long years of turmoil and absurdity have passed. 

As Donald Trump flys to Mar-a-Lago, he leaves the country a mess.

The radical left treated the buffoon as a perfect foil. And he was.

The socialists used each of the 1,461 days of the Reign of Trump as an ultimate recruiting period. Lenin never had it so easy

The Left thrived during the Trump presidency. Cancel culture, identity politics and calls for equity stink up the country. The kids are all socialists now, thinking Trump represents capitalism.

But the Trump created stink does not stop with the rise of the Left. He encouraged the Federal Reserve to pump, out of thin air, into the economy, trillions upon trillions of dollars. The price inflationary consequences at the consumer level are still to come. His mishandling of the COVID-19 panic, which he initially fueled, is still in play. It is not clear how much of the freedom taken away from us during this Trump-fueled panic will be returned to us or when.

The Diet Coke chugger was a terrible judge of character or just dumb. He surrounded himself with statists that sabotaged his every move. Right up until the last 24 hours.

And he is weak. It is reported that the only reason Trump didn't pardon Julian Assange was that Mitch McConnell, a swamp creature if there ever was one, threatened Trump with a more likely conviction in the Senate if he pardoned Assange.

This is how Will Chamberlain reported McConnell's thinking last night just hours before the pardons were issued and after:

So even in the last few hours of his presidency, Trump didn't have the internal fortitude to do what was right and pardon Assange.

Trump fanboys have gotten nothing out of Trump, not even good Supreme Court justices to justify their support of Trump. He nominated only establishment approved candidates.

Trump's only skill was to fire up the populists but he then marched them into hell, some literally since some face serious federal charges after Trump encouraged them, just last week, to storm the Capitol. They received no pardons--leaving them all alone to deal with a vengeful vicious state. 

And worst of all, his fumbling administration has left us with the senile Joe Biden as president with many bad influencers around him including a good chunk of radical lefties. And a crazed cackling lefty by the name of Kamala Harris waiting in the wings.

Thanks a lot, Trump. What a fine mess you have left for us. The country may never recover.



  1. You forgot the untold, hidden damage from his tariffs---the unknowable economic enrichment and progress we otherwise would've enjoyed but for the brakes his tariffs comprised...a perfect illustration of Bastiat's/Hazlitt's "unseen consequences" of government interventionist policies.
    "But he didn't start any new wars!" the Trumpistas all chirp.
    I'm going to try that when facing Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven: "Hey, look on the bright side, dude: I didn't commit mass-murder!"

  2. At the risk of revealing my lack of intelligence and gullibility I have recently (about two weeks) begun to hold the thinnest sliver of hope that Trump is really playing multidimensional chess.

    Remember RW reminded us here: that Sun Tzu wrote in the Art of War “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

    According to some posts that Beck Akers link to at LRC and some videos by The Amazing Polly (who I watch occasionally) this is what Q its Anon’s, Trump, and a select few have been doing all four years of the Trump administration. Setting up the real insurrectionist for the thunderbolt. That they have been gathering evidence of crimes and are prepared to make arrest. That the fencing and the military at the inauguration is actually caging and the military is there to hold the criminals.

    I know. It’s pretty farfetched and I’m not holding my breath but, it sure would be interesting.

    Even if Trump is the ultimate political jujitsu artist and is able to drain some of the swamp I hold very little hope that he is ultimately freedom oriented. Whatever is the makeup of the new executive regime I expect to be unsatisfied to say the least.

    1. Trump is not playing three dimensional chess. He is a buffoon, who has a limited skill set as an NYC real estate hustler.

      The DC military in town to cage in the elitists is even more absurd.

    2. It's not far-fetched. Its downright laughable.

    3. Are you still holding out a forlorn hope that krakens are NOT imaginary, mythical creatures after all?

  3. Trump should have stuck to one dimensional tic-tax-toe cause his 5th dimensional chess didn’t work out so good. Trust the plan! Even to this day I get a story about trust the plan about 5 days after inauguration.
    Libertarians said “don’t trust Trump” and now that they are proven correct the right, or some, not only want to kick the leftist out of the country but libertarians too.
    Maybe Trump PWNT us all and got the right to accept a wall that Biden will finish to keep us all in?

  4. Yes, Hillary would have repealed the 16th and 17th Amendments, eliminated at least 5 executive agencies and put the country back on a gold standard. The cheeto nazi simply gave the green light to police to hunt black people for sport.

  5. Only Trump could have convinced "conservatives" to buy this COVID op. He played his part and now we get the hammer. "Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy night."

  6. I laugh out loud at all the Cheeto Man hate thanks for the chuckles. But truthfully all I can think of is just how well he will compare to Demento Joe a few short years.

    Donald was a tilting a windmills placeholder that got very little done ... where Joe is more than happy to perform the economic coup d'etat that will turn us into the Venezuela the left wants us to be.

    Joe's reign of terror is just getting underway