Thursday, January 14, 2021

Dershowitz: Requiring Employees to Take Diversity Training is Mind Control

During a debate between Alan Dershowitz and Robert Barnes, on the Viva Frei show, Dershowitz stated that it is a form of mind control when private industry and government sector organizations require employees to take diversity training.

He went on:

As Justice]Jackson [1892-1954 ]said in an opinion if there's one star in our constitutional constellation it's that nobody can tell you what to believe what not to believe what if you don't believe in diversity or what if you believe as I believe that diversity is often phony to eliminate real intellectual diversity and ideological diversity and to create uniformity of views within racial diversity what if you have that opinion. It's my opinion and if I went to a diversity training course I'd flunk, so do I get fired from my job because I have a different opinion on diversity?...

The realtor realty association is now making it so they can suspend your license and fine you if you don't have certain critical race theory classes and courses and conduct.

It's amazing how much they've infected. It's the old popular front the 1920s 1930s sort of communist strategy of infiltrating all institutions that could influence people's perceptions of the world and it's just being applied on behalf of the woksters. 



  1. There he takes a stand, but not on mandatory vaccination?

  2. "...nobody can tell you what to believe what not to believe..."

    I'm willing to bet Dershowitz would be the first to shut down anyone who started teaching "Holocaust denial".

    1. Forget Holocaust denial. Just asking questions about the Holocaust would be shut down.