Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Call Goes Out for "Citizen Detectives" in A War Against "Trump's Army"

 The below is shocking. 

The radical left is continuing its advance. They are now calling for "citizen detectives" to essentially spy and report anyone who does not hold views in line with the radical left.

If you do not hold views that are radical left, you are an extremist. 

Watch this to the end and the call for a "Citizen Army."

This is right out of Mao's China and Stalin's Soviet Union. 



  1. This is why we need to physically remove leftist from society along with many of you libertardians.

    1. Nooe, it is not. It's plain self-defense against people who have both intention to rob and enslave you (they say so thenselves, loudly), means to do that (they just seized the government enforcement machine), abd proven track record of mass murder in other countries.

    2. He’s talking about about removing me. I have not seized anything. I will use self defense against all who threaten me and mine including labby.

    3. " I will use self defense against all who threaten me and mine including labby."

      This coming from someone who dutifully wears a mask when told to. Sure thing, pal.

  2. Lab is a card carrying member of the Idiocracy. Most people are and dont know it. However, those that have discerned the directions we are headed realize that only you can now defend yourself with whatever community you can build around you.

    The best to hope for now is massive crash and decentralization. Unfortunately all US citizens are the terrorist enemy left or right.