Monday, January 11, 2021

Bill Belichick Throws Trump Under the Bus

Et tu, Bill?

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has announced that he is declining the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he was scheduled to receive from President Trump on Thursday.

What is worse, he did it in an exceedingly wimpy politically correct manner.



  1. I doubt he thinks this way at all. "Wimpy" is dead on: his handlers told him that he needed to do this to avoid the stink of Trump.

  2. It’s all the New England sports talk shows talked about today, before he released his decision.
    I am disappointed in him. Not for refusing the award, cause it’s just a political joke, Ellen Degenerate (for the few that care I spelled it that way on purpose) will probably get the award from Biden. Big deal.
    But buckling to the SJW’s, that disappointed me.
    I really like the Coach, the greatest coach of all time in my opinion, and I used to have a lot of respect for the man. Now not so much. Plus he let Brady go.
    The NFL won’t put up with it much longer I don’t think. They are losing hundreds of millions (billions?) due to the SJW crap and Covid protocol BS. They deserve it for bowing down.

  3. Robert you should replace that picture of him for one with him wearing his stupid masks. More of wimpy.