Friday, January 22, 2021

AOC: "Let's bring up a vote to expel Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley from the Senate"

Now that Trump is gone from the White House, it looks like CNN may be going radical left.

During the interview below, Chris Cuomo treats AOC with kid gloves and as a respected legislator.

BTW, Maryland Rep. Andy Harris is an idiot for attempting to bring a gun on the House floor. He was apparently stopped at a metal detector.

Why would you do this? It plays right into the hands of the anti-gun crowd that will use it to stir up more anti-gun hysteria? 

As I recently wrote about gun-carrying protesters:

Lesson number one from Sun Tzu is: 

Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.

A gun is a very powerful weapon, why would you take it to a protest to simply wave around?

What does this do other than provide energy to the anti-gun crowd for them to focus even more on taking guns away?

And about AOC's call to expel Cruz and Hawley, it just shows the radical left's belief that they have momentum and are going to try and advance an extreme lefty agenda in every way possible, including attempting to get somewhat conservative Senators expelled.


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