Saturday, January 2, 2021

'Alarming Number' of US Health Care Workers are Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

The New York Post summarizes:

 Earlier this week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine disclosed that about 60 percent of the nursing home workers in his state have so far chosen not to get vaccinated. 

More than half of New York City’s EMS workers have shown skepticism, The Post reported last month.

And now California and Texas are experiencing a high rate of health care worker refusals, according to reports.

An estimated 50 percent of frontline workers in Riverside County in the Golden State opted against the drug, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing public health officials. 

More than half of the hospital workers at California’s St. Elizabeth Community Hospital that were eligible to receive the vaccine did not, the newspaper. 

And in the Lone Star State, a doctor at Houston Memorial Medical Center told NPR earlier this month that half the nurses in the facility would not get the vaccine, citing political reasons. 

The excuse shared by the Texas nurses was echoed in a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey that found 29 percent of health workers were “vaccine hesitant,” the Times reported. 

Majority of Ohio nursing home workers not taking COVID-19 vaccine

Survey respondents leaning against taking the vaccine said, among other reasons, that they were concerned how politics influenced the development of the vaccine, the newspaper reported. 

A nurse at a California hospital who chose not take the vaccine because she is pregnant, said her coworkers who chose the same path as her believe they don’t need the vaccine to make it through the pandemic. 

“I feel people think, ‘I can still make it until this ends without getting the vaccine,’” April Lu, a 31-year-old nurse at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, told the Times. 

Of course, it makes sense to refuse to take a vaccine that was rushed under shady testing protocol, especially a vaccine for a virus that is not of significant threat to 99.9% of the population.

These nurses aren't trying to be heroic, they are just protecting their own bodies from the unknown potential complications from the vaccine and I have zero problem with that. We should all learn from them. 



  1. Where are these heroic, front line health care workers supposed to find the time to sit down and take this vaccine? Between being flooded with six million COVID fatalities a day, let us not forget they still have to plan, choreograph and produce countless Tik Tok dance videos.

    1. That is a legitimate thing you bring up though. If the situation is so bad, how do they have so much time to make those stupid Tiktok videos we all keep seeing?

    2. There are many controversial adverse effects from these vaccines that main stream media are ignoring. One major effect is causing infertility in women, which many whistleblower researchers have written about. And other effects on your DNA. I say not thank you. My body, my choice.

  2. I fully endorse all these folks skipping the so called vaccine. There could be potential downsides as states, localities, and businesses see this as a problem and mandate compulsory vaccination. Still good for them it must be resisted.
    One of my complaints has been the lack of nurses that have come out and exposed the medical fraud and wrongdoing that is now a documented fact and is widespread. While I understand their hesitancy to step out of line and risk the careers and such, they have a responsibility to work for the patient. By remaining silent they are merely part of the problem. Ignorance is not an excuse as well because a typical floor nurse is fully aware of treatment protocols and their efficacy, etc.
    Perhaps the refusal of this sham of a vaccine is the first real en masse exposure of the ongoing fraud that is this nonsense at least in terms of the nursing community. It will interesting to see what the nursing unions do with this as well as the NLN and other professional organizations.

    1. They'll put out more dance videos.

    2. How easy it is to forget to do no harm.

    3. With Bill Gate involved the vaccine will be the mark of the devil.

  3. How are the wokesters going to grapple with their "heroic frontline" workers going against the narrative? Maybe just clap for half of the one minute of applause that they usually engage in in the most Progressive cities?

  4. In this case of the SC-2 vaxx it is interesting that so many of the very people in the mist of the big pharma medical complex are balking the complex they are part of.

    Based on appearance some of the least healthy are those working in conventional healthcare. I am not one to blindly follow anyone, especially when it comes to medical issues. This has saved me from drugs and procedures that would have been costly to my health most importantly but, also time and money.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are many great people, products, services and tech in the conventional healthcare complex that save lives and make lives better. But this industry is on the podium (if not the top step) for government control which has made it a haven for cronyism with its regulatory capture that has made it less about health than about control.

  5. Combine Obamacare with C-19 pandemic and you've just created--for nurses at least--a new gold rush. Travelling nurses in Massachusetts clear $7,100 for a 4-day week. In St. Louis, traveling nurses clear $4,300 for a 3-day week. In California and Hawaii, it's somewhere between those figures. I don't think you're going to have too many nurses exposing fraud at that price.